Vahalla Knights Eldar Saga

This game is a hidden gem I just found. Plays like monster hunter graphics arent as great but the story is good so far. apparantly whatever you do in episode 1 effects episode 2. I just started if you want to 2 player co op it online hit me up. other than that discuss cause this game is really fun.

Some stuff I figured out about this game is that when you get points from all you classes when u level so even if you have a level 20 fighter and you level your level 1 priest you get stat points that stay with you.
Say you want a skill the priest has such as Breath(Adds Str,Dex,Int Temp). you can level your priest and get the skill then go back to fighter and use Breath now, which is pretty badass.

Just thought this game deserves its own thread cause its so badass. :rofl:

Post wii codes if you got em.


This game will be awesome. I had a blast playing the demo.

Wow, very lovely picture. I will use this cards as my backgroung in my blog.

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