Here is a character I need help with, especially when trapped in the corner. Her moves are really slow compared to Chun in other games. What are best close, mid, and far options?

So far the only VC I go for is crossup into stomps.

News to me. All her pokes are stupid fast for how much priority they have.

seriously. actually alpha incarnations of chun are more annoying/stupid that in any other game imo.

I dunno, they seem slower to me. Is her ground game basically the same as A2?

as compared to some of her other forms yes they are slower but they are still fast for this game. her ground game was better in a2.

Because of her d.MK being cancelable, her AC and the sweep CC range? Only things that might been better IMHO, but I’m no pro so yeah.:rofl:

I think Chun is a total beast in A3, but then again she is a bad match up on Guy.

Her standing Jabs and that air stomp or jump LK give me exspecially the chills … Then their is that crazy stomp VC a dude was recently hitting me. -__-

im no pro either but yeah thats some of it. it could be me since the speed is just a little slower than a2 but still its easier using that chun as compared to a3 chun for me. ironically im better with a3 chun though :lol:

You shouldn’t really get trapped in the corner considering she can jump off the wall. She can play keep away when need be (though it isn’t really recommended). Don’t be afraid to meet the opponent in the air when need be (probably with a jumping LK).