V Cammy

so lately ive been playing the hell out of A3 trying to get better. i honestly dont know why i stopped playing this wonderful game but its kicking me in the ass now anyways i decided to finally switch over to v ism for cammy as compared to a ism. any tips? i see shes not used much but i find her fun.

how good is her dive kick? i know she flips when blocked which leaves me in a bad position so its not to be abused but when it hits are there any good follow ups?

She is actually nice in V-ISM and middlekick could properly teach you a lot about her. Thanks to a match vid by him I used her randomly back then.

The great thing about her is that she can start a V combo everywere on the screen (from a normal like s.MP to various specials) and some stuff is really simple. Like activate and just do dp+RH in the corner but of course there is tons of better stuff around. You might watch the following and search the main thread.

Personally I never use her divekick, so no idea on that move. But I regulary abuse her s. and c.MP. The crouching one is so fast that you sometimes can get two in after the first hit. The standing one is also really good in beating out other normals and sometimes works as an anti air. Her HK is gold too, but I bet you know all that already.^^

yeah the mp is solid against alot of stuff. i use it as my air to ground move when i plan on jumping in it has occasionally beat dp’s which i have in turn activated upon and caused more damage. i keep forgetting that her hooligan throw is used with the three kicks instead of punches in this game always pissed me off whenever i got the slide but i knew i was grabbing :lol:

now is it just me or did they take her c.lpx2 c.lk xx cannon arrow away from her?