Utilizing Vs CPU as training for ryu fundamentals

I find this helpful during my training time…vs hardest CPU

To improve my footsies and anti air - play against zangief with u1. without ever jumping in on him, Just play footsies,AA and hado. Do not do reversal dp if you are knowcked down unless you have 2 bars and fadc. If you start winning because you found a good hado pattern, try to drop doing hado and use plain footsies and AA. Goodluck.

To improve FB spaceing and reaction - play against ryu with u1. Do not jump in on him unless on reaction on his hado. Do not punish the CPU’s random ultra And his random close dp’s ( nobody does random ultra anyways). And do not wake up reversal dp without 2 bars and fadc. Try to win by fireball, reaction jump ins, FADC thru his fb and by footsies.

Pls add if you have more inputs on how to train

This needs to be seen because it help to practice like this when playing with other players aren’t an option.

Video of these methods?

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Get the PC version and do this: