Utah Thread: Not everyone is Mormon......just the majority

Alright, let’s just accept that we aren’t going to get our old thread back and get it over with.

Anyways, I’ll just update this post with useful links and profanity.

**We have SSF4 AE in GAME GRID **(located in Valley Fair Mall)

http://gamegridarcade.com/ for address and more info

utahstreetfighters.blogspot.com for info on scene and upcoming tournaments.

www.youtube.com/user/hadoukencc for tournament videos

www.youtube.com/user/**iNfeSteD801 **for other UT MM’s and matches

www.youtube.com/user/**konqrr **for some out-of-state tournament footage and crazy ass combo vids

I'll be updating this post with shit. Keep it coming.

I was asking of facebook if we should create another thread, i couldn’t find our thread even by searching alphabetically.

Maybe they got rid of it because it had too many posts? Someone should pm Kineda aka the Real Raging Demon.

That’s what I thought because in the tech thread the arcade stick thread which was pretty beefy has also gone missing, maybe it was too many posts. Anyways I put a link for this temp thread on the blog.

Give Luxun ownership of this thread, or pay the same consequences as Luan’s father.


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This place is chaotic without our master… Where are you Luxun? We need you :frowning:

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GG with me and gus today? any1 down to get beat up by yun/fei/abel

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Posted this in the other thread but maybe no one saw it, I have MK9 for 360 but Im looking to trade it for the ps3 version. If anyone is up to do that please let me know and I still have the online pass, I havent used the code.

Now it needs to say, “And I have been there and played on it.”