Utah, lets get the ball rolling

Hey guys, just wanted to get this out there.
Anyway I’m from Utah Orem area and I was wondering who else was from Utah, and if you guys would like to get together, just casually at first and start playing some games. We don’t really have anything as far as I know, and if we do please let me know about it.
Point of the story is, if you’re a fg player in Utah and would like to meet some new people and expand your game please post up and lets see if there is any interest in getting together somewhere in SLC or even my place to get some good games in and start growing the community.
Oh btw I play P4A, Blazblue, SC, UMVC3, and SF am a scrub at most of them but I am more than willing to get bodied to learn. =D

Dont know if you have been there yet but we are very well alive and kicking. Google utah thread not everyone is mormon and youl find us.

Hey I just moved to Provo and looked all over the net for a local fighting game group. I’d very much like to join ya guys if you’re still having casuals. I play street fighter, marvel and other fighting games. Contact me if anyone sees this. www.facebook.com/phatalphd