Utah: Huge Developments

First, I have two APEX tournaments to announce.

6/25 at 4:00 PM
FUNatics (140 S. Main in Logan)

Games: Tekken 5, Tekken Tag Tournament
Entry Fees: $5/game
Bring your own shit. Controllers will not be provided and memory cards (for T5) are allowed.

(Results - T5: 1) Stephen Mace, 2) Joey Geurts, 3) DarkCatalyst. TTT: 1) Joey Geurts, 2) Alex Pritchett, 3) DarkCatalyst.)

7/2, at noon
Fun Unlimited (1300 N. Main in Logan)

Games: Tekken 5, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, SoulCalibur II (PS2)
Entry Fees: $5/game
Bring your own shit. Controllers will not be provided and memory cards (for T5) are allowed.

Second, I have specific news regarding all three of Utah’s APEX venues (FUNatics being the new one).

Cache Valley Fun Park - I’ve wanted to avoid these guys since the Utah Street Fighter Revolution debacle, but they’re under new management now. Tony Stockseth and I discussed the prospect of holding future events there with the new manager (who seemed really stoked about the whole thing, and we are currently waiting for confirmation of our logistical freedom with them. I want these guys in the fold. The sheer size and atmosphere of the place (which could use some better arcade games, I admit) would be ideal for holding a major tournament sometime in 2006, which we’re working on.

Logan Fun Unlimited - These guys are the backbone of Cache Valley’s gaming scene and will thus be vital in producing new local players. I talked to Scott McUne the other day, and we agreed to start holding tournaments there as of next month (as you can see). The arcade there is superior to anything else in town right now, but we’re working on that. Scott has offered us two TVs to work with for anything we wish to run, so we can have our big multi-game tournaments there. I plan on reintroducing Virtua Fighter to Cache Valley at Fun Unlimited by the end of July.

FUNatics - I’m excited about this place. It’s no further from Logan High than Center Street Pizza Palace was back in the day, they have a big-screen HDTV that we’ve been given free reign over for fighting tournaments, and an installed base of Halo players that could prove mutually beneficial with the fighting community here. We’ll be holding tournaments there more regularly than anywhere else, and we’ve got management on the right track to upgrading the arcade in a huge way. I don’t think we’ll end up with the equivalent of CSPP’s five SF2 machines in 1993, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and FUNatics certainly has the capacity.

So that’s where things stand right now. I’m also hoping we can make things happen down in SLC a few times before Evolution, but that remains to be seen. This is the year Utah steps up in APEX. We finally have that combination of freedom and logistical ability.

Dana, if you’re reading this, maybe we should consider reviving the community mailing list. I left you in charge of it, so it’s your call, just let me know how you want to handle this.

I’m definantly down with 3s… I’m assuming it’s on PS2?
I haven’t been to Logan yet, what kind of fighters do they have at the arcades?

Sounds good. Hope it’s worth it.

Well, right now we’re relying on arcades simply allowing us to hold console events, but they’ve been really good for that (much better than they were even a couple years ago) and I’ve got two of them looking to seriously upgrade their shit (we’re talking Namco involvement here, which we haven’t had in Cache Valley since the mid-90s).

And yes, 3S will be a PS2 tournament.

Updated. SoulCalibur II is a go for the LFU tournament.

Hey guys!!! GREAT job on getting some tournaments going Pat, YOU RULE!!! But, no CVS2??? I really reccommend having this game at, at least one of the tournaments. There are quite afew players down here that love it and might i say pretty good. I know that Ernie puts up a mean fight on it, along with Spencer Devine (a killer Rugal) and myself. Is there a chance we could throw it in? PLEASE???

Thanks Pat for everything you do man.

Seth White

Another thing…

Also, i can help with a good turnout, i PROMISE. I just need you to tell me that CVS2 will be there, haha :clap: . Hey Pat, i’ll advertise if you want man like i did last time, i know all of the right places to go, i am also good friends with alot of gamestop employees. Let me know man. CVS2, CVS2!!!

HaHa, Seth White.

I can’t get CvS2 tournaments going (as well as Marvel, for that matter) for the simple facts that:

A) We (Tony and I) don’t have it for PS2. We used to, but not now. We’ve never had more than one copy between the two of us anyway.
B) We are absolutely not carrying our Xboxes all over town. That would just be ridiculous.
C) We are absolutely not carrying my Dreamcast and sticks all over town (can’t really do bring-your-own-shit at a Dreamcast tournament around here). It was bad enough taking them to USU when I went to college.
D) We absolutely refuse to rely on out of town players to provide equipment for our tournaments (ie: systems and games…controllers are safe because everyone and their dog can bring PS2 pads if nothing else).

Utah SF Revolution failed not only because the house wanted an exhorbitant cut, but also because we relied on players to bring equipment who ultimately couldn’t make it. Cache Valley tournaments (with one exception I will name at a later date) will be entirely logistically self-efficient. I refuse to take risks with any more of my tournaments, ever again.

Maybe things will change at some point. Maybe a couple PS2 copies of CvS2 will just fall in our laps and we’ll be good to go. For now, I’m not really sure what to tell you other than we can probably get some Alpha 3 going a couple times this summer. Maybe that’ll make you feel a bit better.

Okay, i understand the deal, but if there is ANWAY i can get you to put CVS2 in the tournament, i’ll do it. I’ll even buy a copy and mail it to you, haha. I’ll see what i can do to make it up there.


This is what I have to say…

I’m goin to go to EVO this year. I’m thinkin that I ain’t inviting no one with me cuz the last 2 times I tried to go, the whole plan got fucked up & some here should remember that & some have changed their mind at the last minute. I don’ know what you’re guys current status is as of experience when it comes to this, but as far as I know, no one has attempted to play against me nor proven me wrong in being Utah’s fighting game terror, & possibly the God of Utah. I’m pissed because I ain’t got comp at all. everyone I run into, they fall. All I got left is my homie Nate. I hope to see you all prove me wrong, because I had it with bullshit comp & rooty poos!
Test your might, you’ll fall.

P.S. Me, Samson, Nate, The Judges of Utah’s fighting game domain.

HaHaHa!!! Man Ernie i miss you man, hehe. Hey Pat, i am willing to send you a couple of copies of CVS2 for the PS2 if you want in advance, that way you won’t have to rely on me to bring it on the day. Also, are we allowed to use controllers at the tournaments, or is it only arcade sticks?

Let me know, thanks,


I’m dead serious about goin to Evo… once my leave gets approved, which I’m 90% sure it will, I’m reservin a room and drivin my ass to Vegas. Before I met you, I planned on goin alone, and my friends say they wanta come, but you know how that goes, all talk and in my heart I know they’ll bail at the last second. As for bein :pray: God of Utah :pray: , it won’t take too much for me to take you down in 3s fool :wink:
Oh, talk more shit, it turns me on.

Fine young padawan. If it’s war that ya want, then you got it! If I must prove once again that I am the supreme allah of Utah, then so be it. no one is gonna stop me from doin it, & how do I know this?
Easy! No one is steppin up, & you get the benefit of the doubt cuz you barely know me. you’ll relize where you are. :nunchuck: :rofl: :nunchuck:

So wait a minute - Ernie, you’re still in Utah? I thought you left for Texas to go into the military…? Did that fall through or what?

Anyway, it’s nice to know you’re still around. Tony/Blackchance and I are planning on going to Evo as well, Dana too if he can find the time. Right now we’re just getting tournaments active up here in Cache Valley and seeing if maybe we can get some guys ranked in time for Evo.

Sorry I’ve been out of touch the last few days. Somehow I’ve found a way to get sick in the middle of June and I’m just starting to bounce back from that. I still feel like shit, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.

Anyway, Samson, what games (overall) do you play? And do you plan on coming up for the T5/TTT on 6/25 or the T5/3S/SC2 on 7/2? It’s always nice to see another 3S player added to the local competitive pool. It really is the best game. Welcome to Utah. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Seth - I can’t promise a timeframe just yet because we’re just now starting to get our shit up and running, but there’s a remote possibility that we could work CvS2 into a yet-unconfirmed 7/16 tournament out at Logan Fun Unlimited. That’s a month away, and I wouldn’t confirm it until I have the two copies in-hand, but if you don’t mind going without your CvS2 disc(s?) for awhile, I’d gladly add it.

Controllers are allowed. Macro buttons (multiple-command buttons such as MP+MK or LP+MP+HP) are not.

One last thing on the CvS2 discs…I’d want to announce the tournament on 7/2 at the LFU tourney (because the CvS2 would be two weeks later). Your best bet is to either get on E-Mail with me immediately about shipping them, or to come up to the 7/2 tournament, chill out with some more local players (we’re expecting a solid turnout), save yourself the shipping money, and just bring the discs in person.

Either way, I need them by 7/2 or else we can’t get any CvS2 tournaments going in Logan until 7/31 at the absolute earliest (probably not in time to get anyone ranked in it for Evo). I’m not the same guy I was three years ago, I’ll never confirm a tournament until I have all the necessary components in-hand, just so you know.

Yeah, as for Ernie, he pretty much told me he’s on medical leave, probably broke his pinky toe or something.
As for the games I play, the only game I can compete in is 3s. I started to get into a serious competitive move only a year ago, and I was in Italy and had no one to play there. I would like to start on GGXX# to be honest… I pretty much have every fighter and dreamcast from 3s to T5, but after I make the movie, ERNEST GETS FUCKED UP, I want to concentrate on 3s for now. I have a PS2 copy of CvS2 if needed. Any one of you guys feel free to PM or IM me if you wanta chat or hang or whatever!

Hey Pat, okay, i’ll see if i can come up to the 7/2 tournament, i better start playing 3s some more, i haven’t played it for awhile, i need to get hooked on it so i can compete, as you can tell i am still in the CVS2 stage, but i’ll widen my horizons, hehe. If i can’t make it up there, i’ll simply mail the copies to you. One more thing, i e-mailed you pat a while ago, i am guessing your e-mail address has changed since i last met you. If it is different, what is it?

This is awesome guys, things are really picking up and i think we owe alot of it to Pat, MAD PROPS. About a year ago i was doing everything i could to get people to do tournaments, but i simply couldn’t, but now i’m back baby!!!

Thanks again guys, oh, and i am probably going to EVO aswell, haha.

Seth White

I replied to your E-Mails…I’ll PM you the new address just to be sure though…weird stuff…

Ok, I got my leave pretty much approved, later today I’m gonna reserve my room, so far got no one with me so if you want to consider pooling or rooming up, let me know!
Oh yeah, I plan on leaving on August 11, in the morning, and leaving on the 15 in the morning or afternoon. And for the room set up, I plan on staying in Aug11 and the 14th being the last night. Not set in stone yet, but that’s my plan

Hey guys, this whole thing is AWESOME!!! Good job again.

Pat, i never got your replies, i checked my hotmail e-mail, and there was nothing, if you could send me an e-mail with your address or whatever i need to send you the CVS2 copies, e-mail me at capcomsnk2@gmail.com, or, capcomsnk2@aol.com,

Thanks again everybody, i’ll see if i can get to the tournaments, which is most likely a yes!!!

Seth White