Using the hold down and release button method

i was watching of those tutorial videos and realized theres a method to execute a move by holding down a button then putting down joystick input then releasing the button. for instance with abel, i started doing it by doing the cr. hold down fierce > input FS movement on joystick > then releasing fierce. i actually found this method to be easier to execute a 2 move combo using the same button. it seems pretty odd since ive just found out about this. i am now tempted to use it everytime but worried it might take away the natural way to piano combos. so i just want to know, does anyone use this method and have it helped excel your skill level in anyway?

i recently found out about this and it helps me sometimes. for example, if i use mgb and its blocked, i hold all 3 punches so i can do ultra 2 right after because sometimes, people try to attack right after its done.

Its called negative edge and it can be useful when trying to input a command more quickly. Use whatever works for you.

There are sometimes were negative edge is helpful, but I usually don’t use it. In some games you’ll actually find that it gets in the way; you end up holding down a button so you don’t negative edge the wrong move by mistake.

That’s a really bad idea. Just say no to random ultras.


Negative edge or not, do not random Ultra.

Anyway, regarding the usefulness of negative edge generally, I wouldn’t say it’s that helpful. Sometimes it helps in ways you don’t realize, like, for example, if you tried to link (not cancel) a special move after a normal, you technically have two tries thanks to negative edge: when you press the button and when you release it, depending on how quickly you release.

It’s already there, to a certain extent. I haven’t heard of anyone who intentionally tries to negative edge their moves. The ONLY situation where I would encourage using negative edge is if you think your opponent is listening to your button presses. Since negative edge is much quieter, that might give you an advantage.

Random Ultras do work. Looks at Jwong

Negative Edge has it uses.

if you can read your opponent, it can work for you. if you know someone’s gonna attack when they get up, why not go for it? im not saying do it all the time but when you know you can pull it off

Even if you know 100% it will work, there is no reason to not press all three buttons for the ultra as opposed to just using the negative edge for the command.

Clearly he had a Daigo-like epiphany and knew the Ultra would hit!!! Anyways negative edging does make for a cleaner feeling ultra “press”, i use it occasionally and randomly in my combos, like Fireball FADCs, S.Hp xx Galactic Tornado for Rufus and Makoto’s Hayate Cancels. I’d suggest using it ingame, but it’s not something you’d want to center a training regimen around imo.

Why wouldn’t you just press the button normally though? It’s not like you don’t get it implicitly with every button press as it is.

Hey, if it works for him then it’s all good right?

i use dudley and sometimes if my mgb is blocked, i try to get the ultra 2 off. sometimes, i dont pull it off for whatever reason. with negative edge, it helps me to pull it off.

Because you can’t know. You can have a feeling, but you can’t KNOW until it happens, and usually you won’t react in time unless they do something super punishable like EX SRK without enough meter to FADC. If you knew, it wouldn’t be random.

This thread focuses on your negative edging, but now that I know you use it to reinforce a bad habit, I can’t, in good faith, try to help you with it until we address the habit.

The risk vs. reward of doing an Ultra on your opponent’s wakeup or after your opponent has blocked a special is too heavy – all they have to do is block and now they can Ultra you back if you read them wrong, which could cost you the round because you got reckless. Or if you do the Ultra too early, they won’t have even done anything yet and because of the Ultra freeze, they’ll know all they have to do is block.

If they have tried to punish your MGB EVERY TIME, and you are near death whereas one Ultra will kill them or put you in position to kill them, that is the only time I would even consider doing it. You also have to consider that if he’s smart he may be stringing you along waiting to bait out that random Ultra.

Besides, if you’re having trouble doing your Ultra after a blocked machine-gun blow, it’s because you’re pressing the buttons too early, while you are still in recovery frames. It has nothing to do with negative edge.

It’s called efficient. You press HP do the motion then release the HP button. Voila one button press not two.

  • In games where command throws did not have a whiff animation, using negative edge rather than a regular button press would allow you to input a command throw and not stick out a jab or short if it whiffs. However, in SF4, throws have whiff animations.

  • Doing reversals using negative edge rather than a regular button press would allow you to attempt a reversal without getting a jab/short if it fails. However, in SF4, input windows are very lenient and you should have no need for this. When was the last time you saw someone get a standing jab instead of an SRK?

  • When doing reversals on wakeup or supers (esp. 720s), pianoing the buttons would increase your chances of getting the super/reversal to come out. Again, input and reversal windows are lenient. Supers aren’t even used much in SF4 anyway.

Negative edge’s only real use in SF4 imo, is to hide your actions from players who are listening to your button presses. In any situation where you think using button up/negative edge is useful, you are likely better off just pressing the button normally.

That doesn’t sound efficient at all.

If you’re doing HP xx Shoryu for example, you press HP once, then press it again for the cancel into Shoryu. Your second press for the cancel technically counts as two Shoryuken inputs, not one, because of the negative edge.

Getting more inputs sounds more efficient to me.

The cancel window is awfully large. There’s bigger issues if you can’t time a cancel with a single button press. I’m sorry but i don’t see the practical application of needing extra inputs for a cancel. If it’s a link then that’s another issue.

Actually it’s rather essential that you can cancel with a single input otherwise your execution would be incredibly sloppy imo.

If you think doing negative edge stuff is cool, you’d probably enjoy Third Strike.

Negative edge can have some minor drawbacks though. Ever since Super Turbo, I’ve had trouble with inputs like Devil’s Reverse, headstomp, boxer headbutt etc. I used negative edge to rectify this, but good players learn fast when they see you whiff just one normal and hold downback. I disguise it by holding down buttons for a long time, or sometimes just whiff the normals from far away to make them think something is coming. The first few games of SFIV Bison were frustrating for me, because I’d negative edge all three inputs and do an EX. :rofl: