Using pad with Blanka a viable option?

So guys I am kinda tired of carrying my stick around to places and really just ant to use a pad. I was wondering if any of you guys used Blanka on a pad (Fightpad preferably or Xbox 360 pad), and wheter you guys think its a viable option.


It’s all preference - if it is comfortable for you don’t worry about what anyone else says. I do know there is/was some pad Honda (I believe European) who could consistently jab HHS, so I imagine you could still do walking elec.

As long as you can do jab/short xx elec without buffering it shouldn’t be an issue.

I guy I play sometimes in casuals called Stevo, he plays Honda on a pad:

He went to Evo this year.

I play on pad, I think I do “ok” but haven’t ever cared to add/try walking electricity into my game.

You know, I never thought about it since I never tried Blanka on a pad, but it’s probably cake if three of the four shoulder buttons were set to punch. Start with a face button, sequence through the shoulder buttons, then end with a face button.

The honda player I know rolls his thumb on the face buttons, three of the four are punches afaik? I’ll ask him again next time I see him.

Honda’s piano cancels are a bit more lenient than ours though. Not to discourage.

I was gonna say this too, but yeah you could probably still do it, but with a lot of practice…

I think using a charge character on a pad is a lot easier then the rest. Whenever I use Blanka or Honda I stick to a pad, but for Sagat and the rest I prefer stick. It’s definitely viable.

The problem with Blanka isn’t the fact that he’s charge, it’s that electricity requires very precise inputs if you want to maximize the character.

gave my madcatz te stick away and the ps3 pad is killing my thumbs…I like to hold pads with the claw technique but i can’t with blanka cause its not possible to hit shoulder buttons and face buttons at the same time, so i have to use my thumb for face buttons…linking combos on face buttons isn’t difficult and i’ve almost got walking electricty down but often I just get s.hp.

all i want to know is how do you avoid cramping your hand while holding down back all the time? If I give 100% I’m sure I’d injure my hand. Is the analog stick an option?

There isn’t really a way to avoid it. I used to play pad Blanka and my hand always hurt from playing claw style.

I’m playing Blanka on a DualShock. Sometimes I do aight :wink:

I agree with those who’ve said charge characters seem to be slightly easier on pad. Anything is possible if you believe! XD

I can’t vouch for SF4, but when I first started on GGPO, I was rocking the shit out of people with Blanka on a dualshock in Super Turbo, and the controls in that game are somewhat tighter. The only hard thing that you might have to worry about is hopping and getting his ultra down. Missing the 3P or 3K in those cases are easier than a stick, and likewise the motion for his U2 is hard on pad IMO. I couldn’t ever do it with Guile.