Using "negative edge" for Guile combos

Do any of the best guile players here use “negative edge” when performing certain combos? Ive heard of this before but i just found out about it and wanted to know if anyone of you have been using it. I know its popular amongst viper players but from looking at it, we may be able to avoid a lot of counter hits if im not mistaken. If our normal whiffs, then the special wont come out. Would this work with cr MP > FK?

For those not aware of what negative edge is, here’s a good explanation. Its when you press and hold a button for an attack, perform the motion of your special, then release the button instead of hitting the button twice.

When you hit a button to perform a special, you have 2 chances execute it: On the button press and on the button release. By going out your way to negative edge something, you basically remove a free input opportunity. > FK or SB is a cancel anyway, regardless of negative edging, no special will come out unless you hold the button down for way too long before releasing. I’m no ‘best Guile’ but to me it looks useless if not something that should be avoided.

yeah well you never know, thought it would be at least worth asking. thanks though