Using chicken stomp (Jinchuu Nobori) for escape

Sometimes I use this to escape the corner certain characters can punish it and some can’t.

I will start with chun li being able to punish it with super and ken doing dash up raw super and ryu doing ex fireball.

Post your experiences or thoughts.

It never occured to me but would it be effective to escape a genei-ing Yun in the corner?

Like when your getting shoulder pressed and you’re still blocking. EX uppercut never seems to work, yun’s low hits snuff it out totally. I’ve been having major problems with yuns lately, loads of different people seem to do the exact same thing and get me stuck in a corner.

The other bit that gets me are the jumping divekicks right up close when not in genei-jin, really irritating seems to beat anything I can come up with, and to make it worse it crosses up seemingly at random.

This might seem like basic stuff but I’m afraid I have very little experience fighting yun, most people I play regularly with dont use him.

Be careful with this one… it puts you in air for the start-up, and a blocked one can result in pain. I would seriously advise not doing it against a GJ-activated Yun… that puts you in the air. One hit from him and he’s juggling you in the corner. Against GJ, all I can say is learn to block. It doesn’t last for long and if you block it well it doesn’t do too much damage. Even if he command grabs, it’s still not as much damage as him hitting you in air and comboing like crazy.

However, lp chicken out of the corner works great in some situations. Against some opponents, it can get you right out of trouble. Doing it against Hugo pressure is great, because even if he blocks it he can’t get to you (just look out for his slap). It’s effective against shotos as well, but they can potentially dash up MK->hurt if they block it. I abuse it the most against a Chun Li, but if she has meter for a super, be extremely careful because she can super if its blocked.

Ultimately it is a useful tool when used in moderation. If it hits (it actually hits quite a bit because it can only be blocked high) then you’re in a great position - you’ve got a grounded opponent in the corner. The move is quite risky, but it has great reward. In other words, just like all of Oro’s moves, use sparingly and with caution.

Thanks for the tips Spectre.

What usually tends to happen is I block most of the genei-jin and then get frustrated and do something stupid to try and get out, which never works.

Was messing with lp chicken escape with some success, worked a treat the few times it really mattered. Good stuff!

madcap. I see you’re in london. Ever go trocadero much?

I used to go more often but I havent been into central for quite a while.

Last time i was there one of the troc machines was on 4 rounds and I got totally battered first by a guy using an aegis urien and then by an incredible necro.

I have never felt so useless at the game.

I should probably go down and see how things stack up now.

Like if your really sick at spacing you can space yourself into landing a one hit chicken stomp. If I am right i think you can do jump roundhouse and then standing medium kick cancelled into jinchu nobori (medium version). I think its roundhouse version i dont feeling like checking right now.

Honestly the only time I ever use this is the LK version against Q and Hugo in the corner, anything else is way too dangerous.

I tried using ex chicken stomp to escape the denjin. But most of the times I eat the denjin though. Anyone tried this?

i tried it when i first started using oro and ive ate it almost everytime so i stopped doing it all together. Just doesnt seem worth it

it’s good to use if you want to bait an sggk into super, or any time you might try baiting the opponent into parrying.