Using Air ToS (H) to relaunch and level up

Hey everyone,

I have repeatedly seen lvl1 Frank players combo:
L>M>H>S (launch) > air.M (> air.M) > air.H > air.Tools of Survival (H) for a hard ground bounce, so you can quickly relaunch with cr.M > Launcher for an air combo ending in Snapshot > ToS Hyper/Shopping Cart.

I can get the combo on and off, but nowhere near consistent enough. Can anybody help me out with the timing and the number of air.M and air.H I should/could use before canceling into ToS? Or maybe I’m just too slow with the ToS cancel?
I tend to whiff the ToS about 50% and the opponent drops out of the combo, which is extremly annoying …

Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve only ever done it on the first launch; it won’t work if it’s a relaunch. Other then that, it’s like doing a ToS:l:, except you press :h:.

It only works after the 1st launch :slight_smile: and ToS.H has a much slower startup than ToS.L, that’s why I whiff it. A lot.
I’m looking for the timing and the number of air.M or air.H I can use before canceling into ToS.H?

Try to do the first air series faster (air m. Air m. Air h). This will lift Frank higher above the opponent giving more time for the H tos to hit.

Faster as in earlier after the first launcher

this version is easier for me launch them then m m h s/divekick, land immediate jumpforward qcf+h, c.M c.H, S

Does that work with lvl 1 Frank? I think I experienced the same problems as with the grounded ToS.H, the bounce isn’t high enough.

@ Dust: you mean “climbing” the tree after the launch? Makes sense, will try it out tonight, cheers!

u need to jump as soon as u land and qcf+h, then immediate c.m,
I find it easier to land if I do mmh dive, in the air instead of s, at least midscreen

I never understand why so many Franks use this combo to level up. Like others have said, knock them out of the air with S instead of ToS H then land> jump> wait a second>airToS H. From the ground bounce you can do c.m>c.h>S. This nets you an additional 3 hits to level up with over the combo you are trying. This works with lvl 1 and 2 and once you get to 3 or higher, you no longer have to jump for the relaunch because a grounded ToS H will give you enough of a bounce to combo. In my opinion, you should be practicing this combo over the one in question because it is not much harder and benefits you more.

In my experience, you have much more time to hit with the jumping ToS H if you use S over knee drop. With knee drop, you have to jump straight up for the ToS relaunch and the timing is much more strict depending on how much you delayed your air series. Sometimes you have to knee drop because of positioning and I find that botch the relaunch much more frequently when this happens

You can land a cr.:m:cr.:h::s: off a :m::m::h:QCF:h: as well.

You can even add a c.L before that