Using a PlayStation controller for the GameCube's GameBoy Player, anybody able to?

I bought a GameBoy Player and a GameCube in order to play my GBA games on the big screen (cost me like $55 total, not bad). Anyway, the GameCube controller has to be the worst controller ever for 2D games mainly because Analog doesn’t work well for these sorts of games and that the D-pad the is Nintendo’s worst ever.

So I plugged the EMS PS to GC converter that I use for TvC on my Wii in order to connect my HORI RAP2SA and to my surprise, it doesn’t work. It works fine for GameCube games on both my GameCube and Wii but as soon as it jumps into GB Player mode, the controller doesn’t respond.

So I ordered another converter from Play-Asia, this one allows me to play a Wii Classic Controller to my GameCube and it kicks-ass in Viewtifull Joe, but still doesn’t work with the GB Player (but then again, it’s also made by EMS).

So before I start buying other converters, can someone with a GameBoy Player tell me if it’s at all possible to play with a PlayStation controller?

Thank you

You know, I just tried to use an official Sony DualShock 2 with my ToToTEK PSX and PS/2 Keyboard to Gamecube converter with my Game Boy Player just now. I thought mine would work fine, but lo and behold, it doesn’t! That’s REALLY odd! duhman0008, unfortunately, this would mean you’d have to use your regular Gamecube controller or buy one of those fancy Game Boy Advance to Gamecube cables. Although I’m not going to lie; the Game Boy Player is definitely Nintendo’s best attempt at allowing users to play Game Boy games on the big screen, but it’s definitely the worst in terms of execution. The stock Gamecube controller sucks, using a GBA with the GC link cable actually LAGS (my performance drops like CRAZY when trying to play Megaman Zero 3 with that thing!) and now you’ve just made me confirm that PS2 to GC converters don’t work either. :xeye:

EDIT: I almost forgot one alternative! If you can somehow find one of those old Hori Digital Gamecube Pads made for the Game Boy Player without breaking your bank, then that should be the ideal ultimate option.

Has anybody tried a MC Cthulhu with a gameboy player? I’m thinking you could dual PCB a PS1 pad to a cthulhu with a crazy sloppy mod.

You know the worst part, someone had a HORI Digital Pad for sale on eBay the week I ordered this converter. I figured the converter had to work and that spending $40+S&H on a used controller was just crazy, bad decision I guess :crybaby:

Anyway regarding your converter, it seems that it allows Turbo functions just like mine. My theory right now would be that controllers with Turbo functions might not work.

Anyone with a 3rd party GameCube controller cares to confirm or deny this theory?

Do you think I should even bother trying one of these?:

This maybe a little off topic, but have you considered getting the roms and playing it through an emulator? Its a lot less hassle and since you already own the gameboy games, you’re not doing anything illegal.
To get it on your TV you would have to get a $10 cable of some sort.

Well I’ve been into emulation for the past 11 years, but I wanted the retro feeling of playing the real deal. Also, there are 2 inconvenience regarding GBA emulation:

1- It’s still not as sharp as let say SNES emulation
2- I can’t simply pop that GBA ROM in my DS Lite and continue the game where I left off on my GameBoy Player.

Oh I see.

I thought DS had emulators for GBA and SNES and all that? My bro has GBA and SNES emulators on his PSP.

bump I guess

EDIT: Just got a reply from EMS, they confirmed that the product in incompatible with the GameBoy Player. Why it’s not compatible was unfortunately not stated.