Using 2 cabs to play 1 arcade board?

I’ve seen this set up in videos like SBO and in the FFC in cali when the japanese came to play (the americans played on the american cab VS the japanese, who played on the japanese cabinet).

I would like to know how somebody would go about setting something like this up. Any ideas would be useful. Thanks

You want a Sega Vs City… I have no idea about the Jamma connection though…

i knew somebody was going to say that. Nah that’s not what i’m talking about. I noticed in SBO they used 2 seperate Astro City cabs in a game (forgot which one)

Building the cable required to link two cabinets is pretty trivial, they can also be bought ready-to-go from Seimitsu or Sanwa. I’ve personally linked two Astro Cities running Third Strike using cables from Seimitsu.

I’ve been looking for something pre-made as well. Yes, splitting video, audio and controller inputs should be easy enough, but I would personally prefer to buy something “new in the box”. Got a link to either or both of these items, or even part numbers?

Sanwa CHS-TS2 (11250 JPY)
Seimitsu “For opposition harness SF-2” (7000 JPY)

With the Seimitsu cable you’ll need to wire the kick buttons manually, Sanwa’s solution looks to be more complete but I have no experience with it myself.

Once again Mayhem comes to the rescue. Thanks bud :clap:

Very nice work, indeed. Thanks, Mayhem!