USFIV training sessions for scrubs

Looking for bunch of European newb players for endless lobby training sessions.

I used to host these long events in another game, where we would just get bunch of players together and practice against each other for hours. Every now and then we would get someone with more experience and skill in the game to come and take a look and give us advice in case we missed something we did wrong. And every friday/saturday we would host a small tournament which after a while started gathering a lot of newbie players. There were bunch of people who said that this was perhaps the best way to learn the game and you could actually see the massive growth in majority of the players in a very short time who took part in these events.
It would be awesome to get this kind of group going in USFIV on steam or XBL.

Basically this is how the thing would work: We would get an endless lobby going, play a match and pause briefly to hear everyone for their thoughts on what players did badly and what they did well, before continuing with the session.

For communication, I think IRC would propably be the best solution.

Let’s try get this going, we need a steady group for starters. Leave a message with your preferred platform (XBL or Steam) in case you think you’d want to take part in this. Once we get few interested people we can make an IRC-channel and start doing some training on a regular basis.

I am interested :smiley: How newb are we talking about?`I have like 300 pp. Platform is Steam

Moving to PC matchmaking.

Just out of curiosity, why did “Trouble Brewing” have to move it to PC matchmaking(The platform has yet to be determined, maybe in case we get enough people we’ll do a weekly sessions on both platforms.)?

Andmir, give me your steam alias and i’ll add you.