USF4 | Stream Commentary Thread


cammy not top tier in this thread either

Woo woo woo.

That j.RH hit confirm into ultra was nuts.

gamerbee playstyle.

i mash dps thru your strings. none of my strings are tight

hey if its still working i can’t blame him

yeah suprised their all hitting

so smart how daigo puts that little delay in after jump ins to catch crouch techs

He’s just very good at guessing right.

Did anyone else notice that they were playing in the same stage and using the same outfits that Lamerboi and Daigo used in EVO 2010…and Dieminion choked?

No, I’m noticing that Daigo’s been playing Ryu vs Guile for a fucking million years and isn’t going to let even the best the USA has to offer shut him down in such a straight-forward matchup.

I really hope that fuck doesn’t win this weekend.

stream 2 now. team tourney

Why isn’t daigo OSing ex dp vs rufus anymore? I know you don’t get much reward off it but if you have full bar might as well do it, specially if you’re gonna ex dp before the followup off ex messiah.

That Akuma was legit, goddamn. Props for keeping his focus after beating Gamerbee, I would have blown right then and there.

daigo and mago dont look that sharp.

Yes, while they’re getting bodied momochi is resting and getting some choco love at the hotel, on monday people will be talking how cody is s tier again.

That Daigo vs. Akuma match was insane. Also, Mike Ross S tier? Feels like he’s leveled up like mad.

pr rog with them 09 tactics

cr.short into rush punch opener was the shit.

what are you guys watching ?

I liked this set

Not to be a dick but you really shouldn’t link to youtube vids of this stuff. I’m assuming this will be up on Sp00ky’s channel after the weekend is over and by having this video go around you’re denying him ad revenue.

Dude gives us a free stream, least you could do is link to it.

About time this board got this thread.