Usf4 steam problem please help

Wonder if anyone can help me,

I’ve literally searched all over the internet for a fix and I can’t seem to find one. I’m trying to play USF4 on STEAM (PC) When I launch the game I get an error message saying. ‘Could not find latest windows media player’ -

Basically I’ve gone on the link given in the error message and tried to download Windows Media Features, but when I try to run the file it says its not compatible with my PC.

I’m running windows 7 ultimate 64bit SP1.

The media features file was for windows 7 N/KN modes, now when I launch windows media player and try to update it to a new version it says its fully updated?

Has anyone had this issue/knows how to fix it?

really want to start playing streetfighter again thanks!


Just found this fix

I’ve seen all of those posts and they are for windows 7N/KN and windows 8/8.1

I’m running regular windows 7 :frowning:

@G3CKO92‌ : Do you remember installing a “community” styled codec pack?

KOFXIII used to not boot-up for me at all at one point and crashed whenever the intro movie shows up. Turns out, while I was helping out for archives on Twitch, I happened to randomly install a community codec pack. I uninstalled the community codec pack (luckily, it doesn’t change anything as for as uninstalling go, so your past codecs prior to installing are still safe), and KOFXIII finally booted up for me.