USF4 Rose Frame-Traps & Pressure

Hey everyone,
New to SRK and Street Fighter in general. This topic has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but I can’t find the appropriate threads.

As of now, being scrubby, I tend to use,, and cr.mpcr.hpSoul Spark as my frame-traps. For pressure I tend to slide after a block string and mix in or as a follow up to the slide.

This yields mixed results. So I was looking for tips on how to better pressure and better frame-traps if available.

Thank you!

This is a problem that most Rose players run into. The over-usage of slide is usually a spacing issue - specifically, you want to move forward when you’re at the range that you slide at…and the only solution seems to be to slide. The more you play the more you’ll run into players that take advantage of that. I have two tips for that that you’ll often see better Rose players use.

The first is to utilize her dash instead. You have to be smart and make sure they aren’t throwing out a normal or special move, but if you catch them doing nothing, it puts you in a very good pressuring position. The first option is throw, which even if it’s teched it still teaches them to respect it. Second is st.Mk to bait throw, although you have to practice the timing because sometimes nothing comes out as you recover from the dash. Third is your standard block string (usually starting with in case you catch them standing). Dash really makes Rose a more dynamic character because not only do they have to deal with your superior normals but also the surprise of being moved in on.

Second is trickier because it’s not really pressure…but try baiting them from the same position you feel like sliding from. This is really good against characters who battle to control that space, like Bison. Walk or dash back and see if they move into the space with something you can punish (like Bisons scissor kick or a shoto throwing a fireball you can ex-spiral through [harder online though]).

As for frame traps, the two main ones I see are - (on their wakeup) - meaty followed by It has to be a meaty because something to do with the frames of your and their as they tech…I don’t understand it but that’s how it is.

Second is just your standing on their wakeup or a tick (, cr.lp) into It goes over lows so it still might land even if it’s not a counter it.

Also just want to add a note about cr.hp into soul spark (assuming heavy soul spark). It’s great if they stay blocking because of all the advantage you have after a blocked heavy soul spark, but I rarely see it work offline, and if it does, not twice. I think just because you can see clearer offline that people see it coming and I see it get punished a lot. Just throwing it out there, it’s good to know all her tactics but know what can be countered too.

It actually works well as an okizeme tool, especially in corner. Mastering the heavy Soul Spark in close range and taking the high risk is often worth it.

Heavy soul spark can be used raw or (even better) after a Something else can follow: a BnB combo, an EX soul spiral or nothing, especially if the opponent has his Super or Ultra ready.

These days I use it (hp spark) after a blocked bnb combo. it’s not often that I throw cr.hp around in a fight. If I do, I’ll expect it to connect and probably commit to something else.