USF4 PC release date

Does the PC version come out later again or at the same time as PS3 and Xbox360?

I guess probably a little later.
the main issue is to upgrade the game so it doesnt use Windows Live anymore.

though if you edit the players attributes, you may release it sooner than the console versions…

It will be likely slightly later. However I do remember Capcom stating something about trying to get the release times for PC ports to be closer to the console versions than previously. So likely instead of the 4-9month waiting period for updates like what happened in AE2012 and SFxT2013 it’ll hopefully only be about a month.

Plus, a lot of the changes to characters will be possible to implement using mod tools on the PC before USF4 even releases so PC players will be able to explore POTENTIAL tech a bit early if modders put in the time/effort.

the past years since I got into the community with the pc release of sf4 I learned something.
you’ll need a lot of patience if you’re waiting for new content on this platform. I guess it’ll be between 3 and 6 months after the console release.
hopefully capcom proves me wrong.