USF4 New Gen tech sharing

Hello, in usf4 gen got nerfed over all as i’m sure most of everyone has noticed. iv been checking his new hitboxes and everyones new hurt boxes through a spread sheet and i’ll share it since i almost finished it. also in general share gen tech you’ve found though it seems the gen board is kinda empty. also i’ll share a bit of things iv found through playing newly in ultra in the new style iv started playing compared to the old style if that matters. (on a side note atm rank 9 gen on xbl but ranks don’t matter im not good at gen)

spread sheet here:
some of the character specific combos i haven’t explored so they are blank. if you find something different in testing then on the sheet feel free to tell me and i will change it.

some new things i have found with gen seem to be that he is much “lamer” in style now and much more footsie dependent then before. normally i seem to be sitting full screen or half screen doing hands or light roll wiffs for meter and waiting to anti air as well as doing a big chip game off of mp into medium roll which is safe being -1 now and doing a lot more chip then hands. i have not practiced any delay wake up set ups yet but i have found soft knock down set ups to be the best way to vortex for me compared to hard knock downs now. also on a side note iv found that you can’t hands into EX red focus where an FADC would not be better as well as the only red focus combo i have found being after the final hit of hard roll being about 180 more damage then just ending in roll as well as a soft knock down off of light waterfall / hard depending on the hit box or ex waterfall for a fourth meter for a hard knock down (starting from jhp into cr mp hard roll into st mp st hp target combo waterfall kicks). one more thing to add before i end this is that on a lot of characters off of EX hands you cant ultra 2 unless you are in the corner or at all on some people.

edit: forgot to say on the red focus combo if you go into full ultra 1 instead of the combo its 524 damage, 216 more damage then ending in roll
edit: adding a few soft knock down set ups that iv been using.
in the corner when doing waterfall kicks if you time it so a normal waterfall kick hit wiffs and the opponent ops to quick rise you are on the opposite side normally (back to the corner) doing a type of body hop for a mix up. another im using a lot that is not very safe but still works is just jump forward after normal waterfall kicks or a dash into a block string if they opt to quick rise on either. another one i use is intentionally stopping waterfall kicks so you land in front of them at their feet and if they quick rise you can go into a cr lk block string. and the last one i use most often which adds onto the first i said is instead of wiffing a normal waterfall kick while doing them is to wiff the very last one and instead of a body hop you land on the side you normally would if you would end it but a little later and if you did the previous set up it can add to the mind games in a longer set.

edit: guess ill add a few safe jumps too, if anyone wants to share those as well. ex waterfall kicks knockdown into light roll jump mk either stance.
ex waterfall kicks knockdown into hard waterfall wiff jump mk either stance
ex waterfall kicks knockdown into hk crane stance jump mk either stance
ex waterfall kicks knockdown into dash forward cr mk mantic into jump mk mantis
ex waterfall kicks knockdown in corner into dash forward cr mk jump forward mk mantis, you can do dash backward instead of forward to determin your side and change your stance as well
forward throw dash forward st mp mantis either stance jump forward mk variations of this can use st lk or st lk st lp as well as cr mk
back throw walk back for a very small amount of time, about a step jump forward mantis jmk, on people without reversals can do a few more steps to make it not a cross up as well as this not being a cross up on certin hitboxes like hugo and some other grapplers as well as sagot.

I just created a Team Gen Facebook group, and members are pouring in at a good rate. If you would like, there is a thread open on this topic, would love for you to share some tech in the group! Let me know what you think.