USF4 Cody Video thread

With USF4 out now I thought it was time to start a thread dedicated to videos of Cody play in USF4 specifically.

Momochi’s Cody is as deadly as ever.

Momochi making the Cammy match-up look even. Looks like he was testing out the new

Ehhh. Kindevu dropped A LOT of combos and still managed to stun Momochi several times. I think both players were experimenting a bit, hard to say either characters changes or system changes really affected that MU as of yet.

Yeah, just saying Momochi always making a relatively lopsided match-up look even. If I can recall he 3-0’ed Kindevu in Topanaga. It’ll be interesting to see how the match-up plays out in Ultra.

A bunch of japanese day 1 casuals. The last two matches has a Cody player who goes completely ham.

Hmm… either they adjusted the hurtbox on Cody’s slide (doubt it) or Poison has really shitty hitboxes on her fireball. Cody can slide even under the HP version.

Also really disappointing that Poison’s fireball seems to lose it’s hitbox LONG before the actual graphic disappears. :confused:

I’d be really surprised if they’ve actually adjusted that hitbox, so it’s probably the fireballs.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen Cody’s improved backdash in action. It’s definitely noticeable, but I’m uncertain whether it’ll have an impact on him overall, as it’s still not particularly good. I guess a lot of OSes are going to catch it.

If you watch the bottom video that I posted you can see that it’s still pretty awful. There is a point where Momochi focus absorbs Viper’s crMK at max range, then backdash cancels and not only does he still get hit by the MP Thunder Knuckle but he gets hit grounded so he ends up eating a full combo when Kindevu EX Red Focus cancels the MP TK into a crumple.

It’s better, but not in any way that is really enough to change how useful it is.

Actually Poison’s fireball is great. I’m sure a lot of it has to deal with the actual graphic looking smaller than the hitbox (and a possible hidden buff to’s ability to go under fireballs.) don’t sleep on that fireball. (EX fireball’s hitbox is also huge as I was hitting people with it well before the fireball animation even formed.)

Back to cody though…

You can bait out DPs now with it (which IMO is huge for Cody). Being able to simply backdash out of wakeup DP or just DP from close range is more than enough for Cody. The fact i’m even saying this 3 iterations after Cody’s entrance is the sad part though.

and remember Viper’s cr.MK got hella buffed. cr.MK>MP thunder knuckle was already hard to deal even if you had a good backdash to warrant a FADC after cr.MK.

The range on crMK got buffed but that doesn’t change how canceling it works. When you cancel a move it always starts the next attack at the origin dot for the move. Say that they made it so that Viper’s crMK hitbox reached all the way to the very end of her foot. In that scenario if she does crMK - MP TK it isn’t even a combo anymore because the TK still starts at the same position it always starts but now the crMK hits from farther away so the TK has to travel further before it hits.

Also even in AE2012 if Viper does max range crMK - MP TK vs Ryu he can focus the crMK - backdash and the MP TK will end up being out of range. Cody can’t do it in USF4

In regards to DP baiting that is debatable. I watched the video and it doesn’t look like he can do that vs all DPs unless he positions himself carefully beforehand AND starts the BD early. I was able to match the move pretty much exactly based on the videos (I could be off slightly of course but it looks the exact right speed on the right frames and distance matches vs multiple videos.)

If you do something like forward throw - immediate forward jump - backdash you’ll still get caught by most heavy DPs on the later frames.

Here were some that likely will still beat a BD free
Ryu - HP/EX
Ken - HP/EX
Akuma - HP/EX
Evil Ryu - EX
Oni - EX
Dan - EX (HP Might as well as they buffed the hitbox in USF4 but I dunno how much)
Guile - All flash kicks
Adon - L/M/H rising jaguar but not EX (though to be fair, Adon’s DPs are very good for catching BDs from many characters)
Seth - MP/HP/EX
Balrog - All Headbutts
Sakura - EX (only one that matters)
Juri - EX Pinwheel
Blanka - EX Up Ball
Vega - All STs (again, a move good for catching BDs from a lot of chars so this is expected.)

Really there are only a couple of characters that it will help against that there aren’t already options for (not counting safe jumps obviously):


Cammy will already whiff in AE2012 if you BD at the proper timing but this does make it easier/more lenient.

It helps but I think it’s a bit too small of a change. They needed to make it 23F total if they wanted to really make decent. Adon and Cammy’s BD are both 22F. Balrog’s is 24F and goes nearly 2x the distance of Cody’s. Dudley is 25F (1F faster than Cody’s) and all of those have more airborne frames. That is before talking about chars like Rose (22F) Chun (22F) El Fuerte (19F) or Vega (22F)

I think the biggest help will simply be vs Sagat and Evil Ryu (since e ryu needs that meter so much that he wont go for EX a lot.)

I would just like to say, although I’m sure I’m wrong, it does appear that in the first Momochi video he hits a crouching Cammy with HK Ruffian. But that’s gotta be something with her jumping and blocking upon landing, like trip guard, right?

When you crouch in SF4 there is a transitional phase called “Stand2crouch” in the character scripts. Unlike previous SF games you aren’t considered crouching the moment you hit down on the joystick. There is actually a small period of time you are still standing IIRC it’s 3F. You can skip this transition by hitting an attack button though. So like standing then hit down+LP you’ll do a crLP and skip the crouch transition. During the transitional phase you LOOK like you’re crouching but your hurtbox is still standing and your character is still flagged as standing.

This is why there are “uncrouchable” setups in SF4 for things like Cammy/Guy’s flip throws or Hakan’s oil dive where even if you wake up holding down back you’ll get hit by the attack still.

So you do a jump attack you have the standard 4F of landing recovery which is considered standing then you have the transitional phase between standing and crouching if you go for a crouch block. That is why you can also sometimes make opponents block Cody’s F+HK while crouching if they just did a jump attack.

Momochi in a ft5 against Tokido, using Cody at the ~15 minute mark.
Tokido still takes the game, but round 2… damn. Those staggered jabs.
Also noted: Momochi didn’t use once. I wanted to see how that move turned out :frowning:

Saw a fair few Cody replays here, haven’t watched the whole thing though.
Not sure who the player is, but they’re donning the red stripes…

3:36 in that video you get to see Cody’s “improved” EX Criminal trade 60 damage with Adon’s rising jaguar. Looks like once people start recognizing the trades they will be able to get combo to ultra for no meter vs him now. But hey, at least it’s not stuffed!

Edit: O wait at 4:13 you see it get stuffed outright by EX Jaguar FADCd into LK Jaguar.

There’s Cody vs. Rolento at 46:20. Rolento’s overall playstyle looks horrible… and the ‘new’ stages are pretty damn ugly!

I think you mean “that rolento’s overall playstyle was horrible” because Rolento himself has a lot of variety in how he can ultimately be played. You don’t gotta pogo all around or go for pogo mixups. Actually from what I’ve seen Rolento is going to potentially have a mean frame trap game with stuff like clsHP - EX Stinger. sLP - sHK or sLP - crLK - sHK - ect as well as his overhead.

I’m planning on trying him out but I’m certainly not going to play him how most do. A lot more ground offense lol.

Most of the Rolentos I’ve seen have spent most of the game flying around all over the place while their opponent is unable to punish anything. Lots of characters have different ways they can be played, but if there’s a simple, effective option (particularly for online gameplay) then the majority of players will gravitate towards it.

Rolento flying around with nothing anyone can do about it can heavily be contributed to the fact the game is only been out for 10 days lol. People are already adapting to hop mixups with preemptive DPs after they block the initial D+MK. People are noticing that his back hop - roll has a lot of startup and can be smacked out of the air early on as well as has a somewhat mediocre hitbox so people can beat it with solid low pokes / sweeps. The wall dive (AFAIK) has a locked trajectory so he can only change it by doing a D+MK which has extra recovery. He has a lot of mobility options true, and a lot of potential for gimmicks as well. However that doesn’t even look like it will be the most effective way to play him. The most annoying? Sure. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be that effective in the long run though once people learn the matchup. Seems more like fighting gimmick blankas. Once you know the proper punishes / preemptive poke, the gimmicks stop working and he has to play footsies. Good blankas like Ves or Nishi or Choco don’t do many gimmicks because strong players know how to fight the stuff when the match starts so you gotta play footsies.

I think ultimately Rolento will be best played as a frame trap / poke character with high mobility and easy access to ultras.

Seeing as Rolento is one of the ported SFxT characters and as such is very new to the system and had to be dramatically reworked for his mechanics in the SF4 style I think we need to give it a bit more time before we decide if his gimmicks are viable at mid or higher level or if his gimmicks can be beaten once people get time in training mode to explore them.

I honestly don’t see much happening with Rolento. His damage output sucks (which makes sense because he’s a hit and run character.) But he just seems meh in this game compared to SFxT and past games. He was fun in the beta builds though so I don’t really care. A lot of what hurts him is that SF4 stage are just hella small. So his hit/run game can only go so far.

Not like he doesn’t have tools or anything. Just outside of Ultra, he’s not doing too much damage. (and he’s really not supposed to either.)