USF4 and picking a character

I have been playing ssf4 ae for a while now but still have not found a main character i like. So far ive liked or kinda liked sakura akuma dudley oni evil ryu and ibuki. Ibuki sakura and akuma are probably my top favorites. The problem is i found out the nerfs in usf4. Will delayed wake up mess up the vortex game? Will ibuki be unviable because of her nerfs and new game mechanics? I’m having such a hard time finding a main xD. Ive looked at all those threads about picking a character for beginners so please don’t link me those. Btw i prefer good rush down characters and hate zoning. Its not that i dont have patients its just that i dont like sitting back throwing fire balls and stuff.

I also really like rolento’s gameplay from usf4 videos i saw… i will probably play him a lot when the game comes out

I think until ultra comes out it’ll be hard to fully assess what all the changes mean, I always say play the character you enjoy the most, because then you’re having a good time, and you can improve more because you’re enjoying it more. (just IMO)

ok… still looking for a main tho =p. Right now im down to sakura akuma and ibuki as far as picking a main. dudley will be my second =D

character selection could be decided with few things in mind. for me, I tend to look down towards this:

  1. does it feels comfortable for me to control my character movement? (knowing the walk speed, dash speed, jump arc & doing the proper movement without putting yourself in danger)
  2. can I pull the most basic & optimal damage combo as if they are second nature? (80-90% never miss)
  3. can I react on reaction on what’s happening my screen with my character? (punishing with normals, anti-airing & etc)