uses of SAII

are there any uses for saII? can it go through fireballs? are there any practical combos with it? i realize that rocket is his best super, but i am just interested in any uses you guys have for it. thanks!!
-nf0x :karate:

SA2 links from s.strong, c.strong, and s.roundhouse at any distance. It deals the most damage of any of his supers, and the bar length is pretty reasonable.

The problem with it is that it doesn’t let you use EX moves much (which kills his poke games) and it doesn’t link from f+RH (which kills his mixup).

And rocket may not be his best super…corkscrew has a shorter bar and more stocks, and it’s a more reliable anti-air and juggle finisher. They’re pretty damned close in terms of effectiveness…


Yes, it goes through fireballs, and can also punish them if you block or get hit by them, provided that you are in range (which you probably will be). It punishes several other common moves on block, like shoto sweeps (which Dudley traditionally has a hard time punishing from range). More or less everything you can punish with Ken’s SAII, you can punish with Dudley’s. It’s range is great and it’s start up is fast.

In addition to his standing strong, crouching strong, and standing roundhouse ( -> SAII has gotta be one of the easiest hit confirms in the game), it can be linked off of his -> mk chain (either part, also an easy hit confirm), his lk -> mk -> mp chain, his lp -> mp -> mk chain, and of course his universal overhead. On crouching characters, it also links off of s.hp, and any strength of his swing back blow. On a stun, it links off of pretty much all of his other chains as well (for example, mk -> hk -> hp -> SAII), as well as his SBB (on a standing character). For high/low you can still do universal overhead/shortshortsuper mixups, although this is admittedly not as strong as his overhead would be.

If you connect SAII in the corner, you can juggle after it with a jab MGB (knock down), or any one of a variety of normals for a reset ( As far as I know, you can only get the one hit in, though.

It’s weaknesses are pretty much what Josh said.

If SAII had two meters I’d be all over that super. For that very reason.

SAII basically sucks. It has a few good uses though.

  • Punish sweeps from noobs
  • Stun’s quite a lot

But the fact that u cant end his juggles with it makes it garbage.

Corkscrew blow for the win.

Uses of SA II? Almost none. It’s a crappy special. Don’t ever use it above corkscrew or rocket.