Useful Equipment for Case Building

So I’ve been considering getting into custom arcade stick building and was wondering what basic tools would be helpful. As of now I’m looking into a table saw and drill press. Any other essential stuff, or tools that’ll just make it a lot easier that I should consider?

equipment that would help

table saw
drill press
mitre saw
router table
electronic sander

sadly i do not have a router and router table
that would help with creating better edges

don’t forget the bits necessary

Thanks mortified. Anyone know if there are blueprints for a sample case floating around anywhere?

If gummowned saw the lack of a Dremel in that list, he would be mortified.

Beat me to it. :sad:

Stop being from the future!

Use your math powers and come to the future.

If you’re doing this in an enclosed space you’ll also need a proper dust collection / air filtration system. Make sure you have proper eye protection, and proper blades and bits for cutting everything from normal wood to plexi or lexan to MDF.

I’ve spent over 10k on setting up my wood shop in my garage over the last couple years.

also a planer, hand and electric.

this will help you a lot in building a case from scratch…

sadly i have never had to use my dremel for building a wooden case