Used arcade sticks

im looking to buy an arcade stick and im trying to be cheap, is it worth getting a pre-used one? the only problem is the one i want to buy is online so i cant look at it in a store and see if its been bashed to death and return policy is pretty lame, what do you guys reckon?

I just got one. I’m not exactly sure yet if i’m going to sell it, nut if you’re interested send me a PM. I can sell it for about $105.

check the trading forums here, you can buy from them, just not sell (gotta be here 6 months). you can either make a thread, or check around through existing ones people have made.

Buying a used stick is just like buying anything else used, a gamble.

I bought a Used T5 and it was junk, Luckily I planned on Modding it anyways. I also bought a Used Agetec stick that works perfect.

if you buy from ebay maybe.

Ebay isn’t all that bad. If you’re ever curious, most people will be able to give you more insight upon request.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend the money on a cheap stick, but I don’t know what “cheap” means to you. Around here, cheap can be anything at $100 and under.

I’ve seen sticks for a lot less than that, but they don’t deliver arcade feel at all, which seems self defeating to me.

This is the tech forum, by the way.

Amazon has the SE sticks for $45-50 if you’re interested. Then buy some sanwas or semitsus, etc.

$45-50? that’s good

i’ve done a bit more research, because im on a tight budget i think i may buy the hori fighting stick 3 used for 30 and then buy sanwa stick and buttons, i’ve seen the stick for 20 and the buttons for like 2 each, cheaper than buying the madcatz SF4 stick (which is 70) and modding that, but im guessing the casing will be better on that

Take note that you will have to physically modify the FS3 to get the Sanwas to fit so getting the SE might actually save you from having to do alot of extra work.

i noticed there is quite a bit of soldering to be done on the FS3, but its ok i can use a solder iron properly.

Yeah, there’s soldering. And dremeling the button hole tabs. And the difficult part: trying to fit a JLF with the limited space inside the case.

There’s a reason why the Madcatz SE is highly recommended for those on a budget. It’s a completely idiot-proof mod.

If you really want a cheap ass stick you can mod, get yourself a Mayflash stick which at least has enough space inside for a joystick mounted at the proper depth.

its starting to look like modding the hori FS3 is more hassle than its worth, i reckon i can make the mods but i dont think i can be bothered, ive seen modding vids for the madcatz se and it looks ridiculously easy so id get a used one of those

fitting a jlf is actually not difficult at all, and its actually quite easy if you do it the right way.

you’ll probably have to save the shaft out of the hori stick, and use it in the sanwa, but its not a big deal.

Yeah, you’d have to mix and match the parts from stock Hori stick and the JLF, like the JLF spring and microswitches, to get a stick with the JLF “feel” and the proper shaft height. I’ve seen images of this done before.

I’d imagine it would be a nice and playable stick but it still isn’t worth the the amount of work required when there are far easier sticks to mod.

If you can swing it, Go for the SE. It will save you so much time and Frustration when modding.

I spent more money on tools to mod the FS3 than the FS3 itself was worth (granted, I didn’t have many tools to begin with).

I’ve got a TE stick. Don’t forget.

i had a look through my shed and it looks like my dad has stolen a bunch of tools needed for the job and i know il never see them again so it would cost me way too much to mod the FS3, i found the madcatz SE stick for only 10 more so im just gna go ahead and buy that and mod it

Save your money and get a TE stick.

Almost every player I know, went through a few crappy sticks and ether finally settled on a TE stick, or a high end custom (Steve Tren, EcksNine, etc…).

And by the time you go through a few “affordable” sticks, you have spent enough money to have just gotten the TE anyway.