Use Your Skills To Make Me a Flyer = $$$


I’m looking for someone to possibly make me a flyer in preps for a tournament I have in May.

The Mayn Event V Tournament

Credentials - This can be any format or media you choose as long as the end result is loaded unto a *.pdf filing format and 8 x 11 in size. I would prefer the creator in question to use Photoshop with a high resolution (+150 dpi)

The flyer can be in color or black and white. Layout can bleed, but not necessary. It all depends on your style.

Space is pinnacle. Tournaments must be listed along with date, times, fees, and location. Make it work with your imagery. Note that these flyers will not be sold in any way…however, it will be available for print once my site is redone (currently outdated). The flyers will be distributed to locations within and beyond the Michigan area.

You can use any character you choose, although it is preferred that people are used from the games played (3rd Strike, CvS2, Tekken 5 DR).

I will award services rendered by mailing the winner a check in the sum of $25.

Due Date: Sunday April 9th, 2006

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here. If needed, I’ll adjust this post to follow suit. If need be, you can catch me on AOL tomorrow for more details.

ShinJudgment Day


I’m game…I’ll have it to you sometime this weekend, if I can remember…

As far as this weekend, I’ll more than likely be online Saturday evening after 10PM EST and Sunday after 11PM EST. I’m a late owl. If any corrections need to be made, I’ll let you know.

Taichi, do you have something for me? Let me know as soon as you can.

Sorry, forgot completely about it…

what day do you need it?

I am so in !!:nunchuck:

Why am I not suprised?

Taichi, Sunday is the due date.

I believe that this project needs a good form of communication. So if you have any questions for me directly, catch me on AOLIM.

User Name is ShinJudgment Day, and I’ll be online now…I’m also off until Thursday so this part of the week is your best bet to contact me.

Oh, as an added bonus, I’ll give the winner a copy of the Limited Edition Poster from last year. Drawn by Don Figueroa (Former Dreamwave Transformers Artist) and Devil’s Due Publishing. Only 500 published.

Here is a preview at 50% scale and actual file is like 2400 x something. Let me know if any changes. Went for the “flashy eye catching” look ! :looney:

Taichi, I got your e-mail…If I fall asleep from my work, I’ll post comments tomorrow.

SNAAAAKE: All I’ll say for now is to change the letter style of the Tournament Title and date. I have a font for you to use, and for Taichi if he wants it. However, I think Tai’s style would fit ‘as is’.

I changed my head page which now makes the Mayn Event site unavailable. It’s a preview page for next week, forcing users to bookmark until the 12th. The font used for the title is called Steelfish (in bold and italics). If you can’t find it, I’ll upload it for you.

I kept mine simple, because I know what an underground flyer is supposed to look like…

usually they print one in fine quality, and run several hundred copies off of it (Using the original as the template)…in one color, which is why I kept the colorscheme, and detail simple…plus, I wanted to make it look ‘underground’ like the flyers and posters I make for all the local bands around here…

if it’s gonna be photocopied, the detail should be kept to a minimum…

I wont’ deny that Snaaaake’s is more impressive, and flashier…but if you’re gonna be printing these off, full-bleed color and massive detail will be lost in the translation, unless you wanna invest several hundred dollars in your flyers…

email me the font and I will change it. just noticed the border color isnt too hot…I will play around some more and see which fits better. Also I can recomend an online print shop(where I got all my artworks for cabinets and stuff). Check PMs.

Money is no object to me. But I try to be smart with it as well. I’ll leave it at that.

While that’s fine, I still like the underground look of mine, and all it entails, and have no desire to change it, to compete with the flashier, more colorful designs of other competitors…

if you’re going for an underground look, consider mine, if you want something flashier, go with that…

if you don’t choose it, at least I tried…

I will choose the best of the results from each participant’s greatest potential. Of course you’ll have to be subject to change if need be.

I’ll be honest and admit that I will not radically change anyone’s concept. Being somewhat of an artist myself, I’d like people to grow in their style with a bit of versatility. But expect corrections. As is, I’d take neither entry, because they both need work in some way. That’s why we’ll go through a series of alterations to make the best out of what you have (This is why I don’t recommend Steelfish for your entry – it doesn’t work with your theme). And from there, I’ll make a decision.

For the entries I have, a couple of suggestions.

Taichi’s Entry (Not Shown):
All tournament criteria are a bit close to the edges. Bring them more to the center by at least 1/2 inch.

The King of Fighters information needs to be taken off. Only the guaranteed tournaments need to be featured.

Both images need to be of equal size, if possible.

I already told you of the font for the tournament title and date. The current one kinda works, but the one I sent you will be more in tune with the design of the site, released next week.

Do NOT use red. Doesn’t seem to flow very well. Also whatever color or effect is chosen, make it consistent and unified.

You’ll find that once you read below, you may want to make the tournament info slightly smaller.

For Both:
Please mention that a PS2 controller can be used during the Tekken 5 DR Tournament.

Also mention who designed the flyer. That’s more important for you than me.

For the tournaments, it looks like both of you took direct quotes from my thread. No big deal, but it doesn’t benefit the flyer for the Team Tournament. What constitutes as a team? It doesn’t say. So…mention that 2 players make a team. I know that the entry fee and total ‘kinda’ explains that, but you’d be surprised on who can’t put 2 and 2 together.

$5 per player, making it $10 per team
$5 per player ($10 per team)

The website needs to be mentioned which is
Ex: For more details, visit
Also throw in the e-mail address. Here it is:

If there is anyone else interested, you have until Sunday evening by around 11PM. The odds of your design being selected gets smaller if you continue to wait. Thanks.

Pic to Taichi’s please.

Heh heh…“How do you feel ‘Mighty Megatron’?” :lol:

Meanwhile, this is Taichi’s Entry:

I’ll try to get those edits when I get home tonight, but I make no guarantees, it’s my dad’s b-day today, and I have shit to do…