Use of turbo/programmability in this game?

This is probably a dumb question, but here goes…

I have the SE stick, and i never even realized there was a turbo button on it. From what i understand that allows you to map buttons to it right? exactly how does that work as far as marvel goes? does it make anything easier or is it generally considered a cheap thing to do? there are certain things im trying to learn like mag’s quick HK overhead that im just not fast enough to do, or the SJ hpxxadd hp…are these things that can be button mapped? if so how?

Turbo just sounds like a horrible idea bar getting out of Magneto’s hypergrav if you’re unable to. Even if it did work it HURTS everything else beside those two combos.

yeah, like i said, i dont even really know what it does. I heard that fanatiq had button mapped dash to one button, or something to that effect, and i was wondering exactly how that works.

When you play any non HD MvC2 you can config the buttons to say LP plus HP to one button dash. Turbo just spams the button you program it to. IE: Hold LK and it will spam LK until you release it. If the former is what you were asking then yes it would help you, but I’d advised you to just learn the game regularly

Damn they let folks do that at Evo?