Usb sega saturn controller broke

well i bought one of those usb saturn controller knockoffs from china, and it worked great… id say amazingly actually for about 3 or 4 months until yesterday i was playing sfiiistrike on 2df

the d-pad just… fell off/broke off
now i have a little diamond shaped nub in the center of where the dpad used to be… would there be a way to reattach it or glue it back on?
have any of you heard of htis problem occuring with other people?

I think I have a Sega Saturn shell with a d pad that would be compatible on it. I did a pcb for a custom stick and kept it just in case but not sure what to do with it… PM me and I think I can mail it to you if you are willing to pay shipping for the d-pad or if you want the entire shell. It is a black controller.