USB Saturn Pad

Whats up?

I am a fighter fan and new to the forums, but I didn’t come to just say hi there is
some problem on how to obtain a USB saturn pad. I’ve been looking around and came to a bunch of solutions.

  • Use the 3-in-1 Converter box to convert saturn controller to USB.
  • Buy a USB chip from retrozone to convert original saturn to USB or do the Saturn to USB tutorial with a dummy USB controller to convert the Saturn
    controller to USB.
  • Buy the Saturn USB/PS3 Controller
  • Buy a bestsku converter saturn>playstation>USB

While I took the 3-1 converter as the first solution, these things just seem totally sold out and the only way to obtain one is to buy one from someone else.

The bestsku converter also because, it seems they do not send it to where I live so that drops too.

Then my solution was to put an USB chip inside the saturn controller. I bought a USB dummy controller very cheap and got another cheap saturn controller and actually, the cheap controller fits very well to the hand. I opened the USB dummy controller and noticed the main chip was covered in this blob which is for faster and cheaper production. If you erased the blob you noticed that the chip inside was so small it was unable to get it out to solder it on its own. So I suppose you need to cut it out around the blob to wire the lines to the saturn controller.

Anyway to make a novel short, I would know which USB controller has a regular big and solder positive chip and which has not and if I would solder the ‘‘Blob’’ how I actually would need to do this.

Respond if you would like to.

Thanks but my main point is is that I want to make my own Saturn USB controller, but the blob is the main issue,
I just added the other solutions for others so I contribute a little to solve this for others.

Also what I might need to add is that if i bought ones of these cheap usb pads on ebay, they usually are in the buttons playstation formation and i noticed the trigger buttons are seperate from the board with wire. Since the saturn controller has the 6 button formation and 2 back buttons i’m not quite sure if it matters if i’d wire it from there to a saturn controller board but, I don’t think it really matters that much.

I have a pair of these and they work well. I bought them pretty recently (3-4 months ago?) from I don’t know if they still carry them.

The kit from RetroZone looks pretty straightforward.

These are Saturn to PS1 only and have a weird button mapping. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Yes, ok so any ideas on getting out the ‘‘blob’’ chip?