USB problem on CPU

So I’m having this very odd issue with my computer.

Full Story:
Basically I got hit with a rather bad virus, and no matter what kind of scanning program I used it would not detect the virus.
It would mess with some of my files, 'cause my USB ports to turn themselves off and on randomly, overall performances was slow, and what not. So, I went ahead and bit the bullet, decided to reformat my computer, and reformatted to windows 7. After doing this, my computer is working just fine, however one problem still exists…

The Issue:
My USB ports on my computer keep randomly shut themselves off and on. I can’t drag large files from my external USB hard-drive to my main hard-drive into my computer because it would randomly loose connection with my USB hard-drive. I notice this happens the most with my USB mouse, it will randomly reconnect and disconnect every few minutes, it’s rather annoying. No matter what USB port I use, this always happens.
So I’m wondering, what if my USB mouse was going back, could that 'cause issues to other USB devices on my CPU? And if so, would simply buying a new mouse solve this issue?

How sure are you that it’s the mouse in the first place?

That said, I used to have a similar issue with the Intel board on my comp last year. Fortunately, it was still under warranty and I just had the whole motherboard replaced.

Hmmmmm… just a guess, really.

I actually went ahead and borrow my friend’s mouse, and it works perfectly fine.
However, my external hard-drive is suffering from disconnect and reconnects, while the mouse I’m borrowing (which is USB also) works perfectly fine.

Ugh, I hope I don’t have a bad external drive, but I don’t thats the case seeing as how the issue original started with the external drive not plugged in to begin with and I first notice it happening to my original USB mouse.

just a question, are the connectors loose by any chance?

have you tried that drive on a different computer also?

a couple of things could be going bad here. Your USB ports may be die’n or your external hard drive could be die’n… and with the external hard drive, there may be a few fixes. That is, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Connect your external hard drive to another computer. see if the connection drops. if it does, try replacing the cable.

I say, if the drive is no longer in warranty, open it up and check all connections that nothing is loose.

listen out for any “clicking sounds” on the hard drive. if you do here clicking sounds. your hard drive well… RIP.