USB port mod. Question

Is it possible and if so, has anyone modded any of their USB attached sticks to have a usb hub or extra port in one?

I picked up a usb headset and thought it would be a cleaner look with just 1 wire connecting to my ps3 and the additional devices connect through a stick.

Yes alot of work for something as simple as plugging in a cable to the the ps3.

I believe there was a seller on eBay with some custom sticks that had a usb hub built into it, so it is possible.

here’s how you’d do it.

You’d have the the hub inside the stick, the PCB would then be wired directly into the hub. There would be an external port for peripherals and the hub’s output cable would be coming out of the stick like a normal connection cable. You’d have to find a work around for external power of the hub though as most usb hubs require power.