USB Fighting Stick, by Mayflash (PC, PS2, PS3)

After several HOURS of acquiring information and searching, I must admit that I didn’t think it would so hard to find what I’m looking for. And by no means I’m saying that I have (and my head hurts so bad)… that’s why I made this thread.

First, I’ll explain what I want to do: to buy a good arcade stick that will let me play PS2 fighters on my 80GB PS3. That’s it. Sounds simple, but:

First I considered the Hori stick that’s designed specifically for the PS3. However, I realized that it’s not an option, since you can’t play PS2 games on it.

Then I started looking for a PS2 to PS3 converter/adapter thingie. But lag is a serious problem here, and it seems that the only good one that doesn’t lag (the Pelican brand) is not available anymore… at least not at a reasonable price, and I would still want to buy a new PS2 arcade stick, which should be quite hard to find nowadays.

And then I saw this:

I read the customer feedback, but nobody was using it for the PS3. This is pretty much the only option I got after much searching. Has anyone here tried this stick on a PS3? One of the reviewers said that he felt lag on PS2. I’m seriously worried about response/lag on PS3, but I think that this stick shouldn’t be a problem since it’s USB and doesn’t need a converter. But what the heck do I know…

Also, maybe someone could point me to another stick for me to consider? As long as it lets me play PS2 fighters on my PS3, that’s what I’m looking for. So, yeah… help is much appreciated.

Search the forum for the Elecom USB stick. There are a couple threads about it and it is the same thing.

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The Hori Fighting stick 3 works fine with ps2 games and has no lag.
Games I’ve played it on:

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Tekken 5
Soul Calibur 3
Guilty Gear Accent Core

Played those games on my HFS3 on my ps3 and I did not feel any type of lag.
Go for it, it’s a good stick, lightweight and easy to get used to, but I would say change out the joystick.

Oh, that’s pretty cool, I thought I heard that the Hori stick for PS3 doesn’t work with PS2 games, but now I’m gonna get it for sure :slight_smile:

Yeah man, that was one of my major concerns about getting a stick for the ps3, and I didn’t want to go the convertor way cause of lag issues and I heard people say that the HSF3 doesn’t work with ps2 games and some people said it did. Most of what people were saying were with older firmwares of the ps3 and the articles were outdated, so I bought one myself to check it out and its fine. All the ps2 games I’ve tried with it has no lag I can feel.

Again, the joystick on it is not that great. It’s pretty stiff and it’s a little difficult to get corners on it, but it shall soon be modded. I suggest the same. The buttons are fine though.

Theres also another ps3 stick, the Virtua High Grade Stick, but it had a recall cause it had problems registereing button hits, and they are damn hard to find now, so forget about it.

There are rumors going around that theres going to be a ps3 stick for when Tekken 6 comes out, and who knows, maybe one will come out for Soul Calibur 4.

And if you want to mod your HFS3, here is an excellent guide… the wii stick and the ps3 stick are exactly the same on the inside…

That should cover all the bases.