USB cord short. Need help ASAP!

I have a tourney in 10 hours and just found out I have a short in my USB cord. it’s right where the cord enters the case. I have a Hori EX SE. I really need a quick fix. I don’t have much experience with electrical wiring and if I would need to buy something, walmart is the only option this late. Anyone have any ideas for me? :frowning:

so it happened because you wrapped your cable around your stick?

cut it off at the area you wrapped it around and splice it

just find a replacement usb cord (all usb cords have the same wiring) and cut off the old cord and solder the new one to it its only 4 wires the thicker 5th black wire is a extra ground not needed

Or you could just buy a usb extension cord

I didn’t wrap it around for fear of what happened :frowning: I think it just wore out. I’ve had the stick for 2 years. What would be the best way to go about doing a splice? It’s prob not that hard but as I said, I don’t know what I’m doing and wouldn’t know what I need.

I don’t have any soldering equipment :frowning:

its cheap like under $15 for solder and iron Radio shack 15amp
it will be fun

I have a tourney in 10 hours and it’s 1 AM. I don’t think I can do that tonight lol

walmart has them I think or borrow someones stick

You could get some terminal strips from a store like radio shack, place the wires in and screw in place.
But you have to wait to the morning.

If you go to radio shack the second they open, you can splice your USB cord with one of these. This is a eurostyle terminal strip.

You can cut off 4 terminals. Cut and strip off the ends of your usb cable inside your case. You can use a hobby knife to strip the wires. Tie a knot in your usb cable where it exits the arcade stick.

had the same problem a few days ago.

watched this video :

fixed the cord in about 20 mins.

Said it better than I did

I’ll prob do this. Thank you all for your help and ideas. Hopefully it works out :S

watch that vid that ryan. posted at about the 3.5 minute mark, he actually does it.