USB Cable Length too short :(

Hello everyone,
First of all, i’m sorry to post this, without research, I’m unable to find the answer but i’m pretty sure it should be here on those page … :frowning:

I discovered your site because of the TE Madcatzs Stick but I bought an HRAP S3SA instead :wink:

I remember that I saw a topic about USB Cable Length, in fact, i need 1 more meter to be able to sit well, I play on a big place and the PS3 is far away from me :frowning:

My question was, if I have an usb cable (1.5 or 2 meters) to the Hori (or any Arcade Stick), wont it add LAG ? I know USB technology is able to make it to 5m.

I can’t test myself until I buy it, so it was just in case anyone can help me :wink:

thx for your help and for this forum with usefull information / feedback !

Have a nice day


damn legitimate question, I was wishing for more to get me going.

Serious answer, you’ll be fine. done it myself with zero trouble on the Xbox 360 and I see no reason why the PS3 would be different.

Yeah, you’ll be fine with an extension. I use 15’ (4.5 meters) usb cables at work for high speed data transfers. There is no lag.

its possible for there to be lag. as long as you arnt using some super old extension cable you should be fine though.

sf4 + te sticks = srk population bomb

should be fine with the usb cable btw. Never have problems with a 5ft usb cable for my hard drive.

thx you guys, i’ll buy one then :wink:

and I know you saw lots of new people because of SF4 …

have a nice day.


Hi Azyka,
As you said yourself, USB can work up till 5meters, that’s it. If you wanna go longer than that, you’ll need extension HUBs.
So, e.i. if you got like 2m on your controller, you can use a 3m extension USB-cable.

No lag at all.

You’ll realize that there’s a slight lag if you go with the extension cord. But the cool part is if you do a dragon punch and you don’t mean to do it then it looks like you did a psychic dragon punch.

Any quality USB2.0 rated cable will be fine…you will not notice an extra 1 millisecond of lag, especially on a game that is processed in less than 100 frames per second.

This assumes your TOTAL length does not go beyond 5 meters.

the only way you’d ever see lag is if you added a HUGE extension to it. but anything the size of your standard entertainment room isn’t going to be effected at all.

don’t think you are going to get any noticeable lag by adding an extension cable

as other people stated, just don’t get over 5 m, because then the signal transfer by USB cable might be too weak and mess up the data transfer

even though, certain… electronics on my computer has been running with 5m+ usb cable without a problem.

have been using USB extension cords ever since I got my HRAP3’s, mainly because I don’t wanna wear out the plug (I don’t keep my joystick plugged in…) from the joystick, haven’t had any issues and/or lag