USA Sega New Astro City Cab Group Buy

Hello everyone,

There is currently a New Astro City group buy going on over at We are about 5 cabs away form securing the order. Here is the thread if anyone is interested, The cabs will be $400 plus customs and sea freight, and any shipping if required.

Just figured I would let everyone know that might be interested since we have some arcade cab people here.

The cabs can be shipped anywhere in the USA, I believe the guy handling the order said he cannot ship outside of the US.

If you have any direct questions, PM the OP in the Neo-Geo thread, he is the one handling the group buy. If you do not have an account over there I can get any information you may seek, but you can post in the thread and PM by just signing up.

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There are about 5 left out of the 30, and these cabs will be around $400 plus customs and sea freight, and shipping if required.

And how much would customs, and sea freight be estimated?, also shipping cost seems vague, what do you mean if required? Anything outside California, is required correct?

For example, how much would it cost to Florida, and how long are you guys leaving this offer open, do we have days, weeks or months to pay, buy etc.

Thanks! And good luck

They are estimating sea freight and customs to be no more then $50 but they don’t have a number yet. As far as shipping it depends on where its being shipped and how many are being shipped. Also yes anything out of CA, or that needs to be shipped. We are getting around 11 here in Northern Va and shipping will probably be about $50 a cab. You can PM the OP over at the Neo-Geo forums and he can get you an estimate if your interested. A lot of people are getting together and having multiple machines shipped to one place and splitting the shipping to get a better deal.

The OP put up a lot of information about this group buy in his original post over at the Neo-Geo forums, so if you would like you could read that as well.

This is open until 8/20/09.


Dammit, I live in NOVA, but I won’t be moving into my new place until October >_<

The cabs won’t be coming until September so if you can put a deposit in now, just find someone to hold it for you for a few weeks, haha.

We are figuring with shipping cabs will be about $500 maybe $550.

So total for a Cabinet could be from $450 to $550?
That is cool numbers.

Better than $600 for freight cost alone of one Cabinet.

That is if you can get multiple cabs ordered. If you order only 1 or 2 cabs it would be higher. I was mainly referring to people that are combining orders of 4 or more machines. Sorry for any confusion.

Hmm, could you be one of those people :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends for how long, I am already picking up 5 out of those 11. Only 3 are staying at my house, but yeah I could probably swing it if you need it.

Where are you at in Fairfax?

Kazuo, I PM’ed you on Neo-Geo. I definitely want one. Does anyone else in So Cal want one? We can combine shipping, the more the merrier!