US Senate wants the entire USA to be a ”Battleground” - *Lock Please*

This needs to be shared with everyone. As long as the majority of the population continues to be uninformed about what’s happening, we will continue to lose our rights little by little everyday.


So let me guess, you are in college, found the article on another website, took the wording they used and decided that you were an informed individual.

Again with this BS?

How long until FlamingMassofFat comes back for me to beat on like a pinata?

heyyyyyyy i remember this thread

You win this thread third post in, good day sir.

So let me guess, you’re on the internet, found this thread on this website, read the article I posted and decided to be a condescending dick about it.


Thanks. Didn’t see that.

Mods, feel free to lock this.

My life has been so much better ever since I decided that, whatever fucking the general american public decided to put up with was well deserved. I mean, might as well bring back the Patriot act and make it worse, make sure that copyright infringement is a capital punishment and that school kids have to pray to Cthulhu because so long as I can buy burgers, get blowjobs, watch porn, play games and drink coffee, I can put up with stupid people saying stupid shit all day every day.

I’m not saying this bill is going to do the things above, but that it doesn’t matter what any bill says motherfuckers don’t read them properly, vote for them any ways and the general public doesn’t look for the implementation guidelines that have to follow otherwise the bill just gets to sit there doing jack and shit.

Did I mention that most people who would post on this thread are not savvy enough to understand what other serious problems are going on in the country that need to be addressed?

They took our jobs indeed.

Seriously we’ve been getting fucked so hard ever since Reagan and people complain now?

nigga please.

I’ll keep posting like Clu 2 so that I may pretend to have a Master’s in Philosophy.

I’m considering graduate school so I can go back to a place that pisses me off less than SRK, any thoughts?