Urien vs Ken: again, help needed plz!

I am having so much trouble against Kens. What do I do when ken has floored me in the corner? On wake up I dunno what to do cause he just keeps me guessing with randomness. And just in general how should I play against a rush down Ken?

someone help plz:(


I had the same trouble as u too … Ken is really hard to beat with Urien, He have too many tricks… hard to guess… but i can tell u the best thing u can do when u are trap at the corner, don’t try to attack. defense, see wut is he gonna do… either overhead or grab, block all of those thing first, wait till u have a space between u and him… than u might have a chance to think how to get out of that corner …

Just block. Really. Anything he’s going to do that you can’t block will take a moment before it can hit you anyway, so block down and be prepared to move. If he’s going to throw, tech it. If he overheads, parry it and low-fierce him. That’s really all he can do.


Ok thanks for the help.

and above all, my biggest mistake, no matter how tempting it might be, donot throw a fireball…youll pay the ultimate price if u do.