Urien Matchup

Any ideas on how to fight this guy?

Nope. He seems to negate alot of alex’ pluses. Im curious. Honestly i have a hard time vs Urien with my other characters as well

I find it to be like a Nash/Vega hybrid. You can get past his zoning pretty easily but actually keeping him down is hard

He can beat out cr. mp with medium kicks and heavy punch. His tick throws are ofc a problem.
If you can stay standing it’s manageable but if he gets a knock down it is really scary.

okay here are a few things:

-make sure u punish his ex headbutt with st hp > hp flash > backdrop or a cc combo

  • urien’s f+mp looks and sounds meaty but he’s negative on block. i think he’s -2 so always contest it so u dont have deal with his mix ups. cr lp > lp chop or lp powerbomb that shit

  • cr lp x 2 > lp or ex chop his headbutt whiff shenanigans…takes some time to get used to

  • if urien cancels a normal or ex tackle into aegis, as long as u block his first attack, u can just jump back and hop over his mirror and not have to deal with aegis mixups! he can chase ur jump back with f+mp but i rather take that over mixups. this one helped me a lot in this matchup