Urien Confirms and Knockdown Omnibus

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Twitter: @gutsygeek

lp = light punch
mp = medium punch
hp = high punch
lk = light kick
mk = medium kick
hk = high kick

cr.= crouching
st.= standing

CH = counter hit

Hey guys,

So the info in these threads has become too scattered and disparate. I can’t find anything, and have been building up my database of stuff from practicing in the lab, playing matches, and watching vids.

Here’s what I have, and I’ll leave some sections open on what I’m missing. I invite others to post in the comments if they have stuff to fill in the gaps, and I’ll adjust this post as I go along. Most of my setups and wakeup options only apply to one wakeup type, ie Normal Recovery or Back recovery. I don’t usually have one that covers both options, so if you have any, that would be really useful. I also didn’t post any meaties that use a shitty button, or that require frame perfect timing, because the risk/reward in SFV is such that if you’re off by a frame, you’re eating a wakeup jab into Chun legs or Mika clap or some other form of horrible dead ded dethness.

Whenever possible, I like to meaty with mp for the frame advantage and continued pressure afterwards


+3 on block
+4 on hit
+6 on CH

The basic mp wakeup string is:
mp, mp, cr mp

Here’s what the flowchart looks like:

  • CH mp, mp, hk tackle
  • blocked mp, CH mp, cr mp, hk tackle
  • blocked mp, blocked mp, CH cr mp, ex tackle (in case he blocks, this one you can’t confirm)
  • blocked mp, blocked mp, whiff cr mp, stop
  • blocked mp, grab
  • blocked mp, shimmy cr hp combo
  • and whatever else you decide to throw in there

f+mp is strong, but -2 on block. I find it’s less rewarding than mp, but it’s important to have it in your arsenal as a tool to move forwards and cover multiple wakeup options.

Here’s what the flowchart looks like:

  • CH f+mp close, lp, mp, hk tackle
  • CH f+mp far, cr lp, ex tackle
  • CH f+mp standing opponent, cr lk, cr lp, hp headbutt
  • CH f+mp crouching opponent, cr lk, cr lp, ex tackle
  • blocked f+mp, opponent walks backwards, cr lk, cr lp, hp headbutt
  • blocked f+mp, opponent crouches, f+hp (finish target combo), activate v-trigger
  • blocked f+mp, opponent presses button, f+hp (finish target combo), activate v-trigger

The best crush counter in Urien’s arsenal.
It’s -2 on block, and takes 12 frames to come out.

If you can get the opponent to block it from medium/far range, followup with lk, buffer ex tackle. It catches all limbs, which is strange but awesome.

Been experimenting with this, it’s got 6 active frames, but only 3-4 of them are grounded.
On counterhit, CH hk, mp, hk tackle
Working on figuring out proper meaty setups. Got any to contribute?

cr lk and cr lp:
Mostly used for CH combos, or light confirm combos. Both these lights have the exact same frame data, lk hits low and lp doesn’t.
cr lk/lp, cr lp, hp headbutt (standing opponent)
cr lk/lp, cr lp, lk tackle or ex tackle (crouching opponent)
CH cr lk/lp, cr mp, hk tackle
I use cr lp A LOT for shimmies.

cr MP:
It’s a forward moving, shittier version of standing mp. Why? Because standing mp is +3 on block, and cr.mp is 0.
Two uses:

  • cr.mp will hit in situations where st.mp won’t, because of the forward moving range
  • cr.mp allows you to charge down-back, so you can choose between tackle or headbutt.

The other buttons are all pretty obvious, use them for spacing, footsies, and V-trigger activations.


Your basic okizeme with Urien is as follows:

  • Meaty mp
  • Meaty f+mp
  • Meaty hp
  • grab
  • tick throw
  • throw bait neutral jump
  • tick throw bait
  • shimmy

Because I don’t have any No Recovery setups, I usually get close, wait, then either tick throw, throw, or meaty.

Urien’s Shimmy:
Urien’s got enormous throw range.
What this means is you can threaten a throw from pretty far away, and tick throw with buttons and ranges that other characters can’t.
But he also has a slow walk speed, so you often can’t dash, then walk backwards to escape a throw. You’ll eat it as you walk away.
To combat this, you either need to threaten the grab from farther than you think, so you can walk away.
Or you can tick throw shimmy.

Tick throw shimmy is easy: any situation where you can cr jab, do it, then grab. Once they get used to teching after the cr jab, do it again, then walk backwards.
Tech whiffs, they eat a cr hp if you’re close, or if they have big grab range too, just keep walking backwards, and do mp, hk tackle. It’s less damage, but has bigger range and comes out faster, so you’re less likely to whiff and eat something in retaliation.

There is a huge recovery difference between air fireball=> HK Tackle, and button=>HK tackle. They both end in HK Tackle, but because you’re in the air for the first one, the spacing is difference. Thus I’ve modified the Okizeme options below to match.

Forward Grab:
No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • st hp will crush counter any button, follow it up with ex tackle from far, or dash cr.hp combo from close.
  • dash will put Urien at negative frames, so do it at your own peril
  • pause slightly, f+mp will beat any button as well
  • lk knee drop should put Urien at +1

Back Grab:
No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • st hp will crush counter any button. Follow up with dash cr.hp combo
  • charge hk will hit, but doesn’t guarantee a followup as far as I know

HP headbutt ender:
No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • lp headbutt (whiff), mp
  • mp headbutt (whiff), crossup. This one is tricky: if he’s not going to press a button, do st mp. But if you suspect a button, cr lk is best. Will beat 4f, and will trade with 3f.
  • whiff f+MP, sMP meaty

Back Recovery

  • whiff f+MP, sHP meaty

air fireball, Hk tackle ender:

No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • dash cr lk (whiff), f+mp OS both wakeups
  • dash mp
  • dash f+mp
  • dash hp
  • lp headbutt (whiff), mp
    All slightly different timings, the dash hp is quick, the others you can eyeball.

Back Recovery

  • dash cr lk (whiff), f+mp OS both wakeups

button, Hk tackle ender:

No Recovery

  • f+mp whiff, f+mp whiff, lp whiff, charge hp meaty

Normal Recovery

  • f+mp whiff, f+mp

Back Recovery

  • f+mp whiff, f+mp

EX tackle ender:
No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • mp
  • f+mp
  • hp? Uncertain, to test
    DO NOT dash here, or you will eat a button. Stay close and eyeball his wakeup for a meaty.

Back Recovery
Missing setups

V-Reversal Knockdown
No Recovery
Missing setups

Normal Recovery

  • dash pause, mp. I don’t like this one very much.

Back Recovery
Missing setups

V-Reversal Knockdown
Normal Recovery+Back Recovery OS

  • lp headbutt, f+mp
    On Normal Recovery, hits f+mp from the front.
    On Back Recovery, side switch, f+mp becomes mp and hits on the other side.

Charge HK, cr hp, slight charge hp fireball, lk tackle
Normal Recovery+Back Recovery OS

  • lp headbutt, f+mp
    On normal, hits f+mp from the front.
    On Back Recovery, side switch, f+mp becomes mp and hits on the other side.
    Similar to the setup above.



  • ex air fireball, dash f+mp, cross under or not
  • ex knee drop, f+mp, restand mixup



  • f+mp (no fireball), dash under

Charge HK, cr hp, slight charge hp fireball, f+mp then walk forwards
Will either cross under or not, up to you.

I have a ton also.

Alright homies, first draft is done, and I’m out of time. I will edit and add more to this post as we go along. Please leave any information you have in the comments, and be sure if it’s a meaty that it’s tested vs 3f jabbers on wakeup.

Nice, keep up the good work

Cr.hp xx h fireball, H tackle:

Dash cr.lk (whiffs) fmp

This is basically autotiming and covers quick getup and backrise 3 frame attack with the same timing fmp.

So you can get fmp mixups from here no matter what. But unfortunately there is no throw threat as the opponent recovers from the backrise and most opponents will backrise or stay grounded for this setup.

If they backrise, the fmp hits meaty. There are combos available on both quick and backrise if the opponent gets counterhit.

Sweet, adding it to the omnibus! I’ve got some more setups I’ll be adding in later.

After H. Headbutt:
Normal recovery - whiff f+MP, sMP meaty
Back Recovery - whiff f+MP, sHP meaty

just look which recovery they picked during f+MP animation

Loving this, keep it up man

Thanks! Adding to the omnibus.

Do you have enough time to see which recovery they do? Like if you put it on random, is there enough time to tell and get it right 100% of the time?

Thanks man! This is definitively the thread I was looking for!

Yes there’s time to tell. It’s not trivial, but with practice and concentration you can spot it consistently

After vrev midscreen, lp headbutt into c.mp was beating out Necalli s.lp all night in a massive set for me.

Confirms differ in use for many things:

Ability to confirm
Safety of move on block/how plus it is
How much damage the confirm gets i.e. Is it highly scaled or not
Hit level of the confirm i.e. High/low
Range of the confirm, so like how far away can the confirm be done from and still go into combo.
Whether the confirm takes meter to use or not.

Because of these factors I think I’ve found Uriens best overall confirm. It lacks in many ways but has some of the best range available:


Not perfect by any means but overall I think it comes closest.

Also note that CH cr.lp,cr.mp,st.lk all combos

Urien has lots of confirms but unfortunately they all seem to overlap in lack of functionality with most of them needing CH, or lacking range. Which is why the cr.mp string is decent. It has more range than most of Uriens other confirms and it doesn’t require CH like most of the other confirms.

And as far as comparing it to other non CH confirms it has more range.

The only thing it really lacks is that it’s susceptible to being imterrupted in the middle cause the cr.mp is +0 on block compared to a string like st.mk,cr.lp which can only be interrupted by a reversal, but lacks range.

Some stuff from my notes, maybe there’s some stuff that’s in this thread already.
Most of these setups are done by mashing/tight frames, the ones with a * are the most interesting ones.
Also, only tested with chun-li cr.LP as wakeup and I got bored and didn’t test everything I wanted.
EDIT: To appease Dime_x, I changed the notations, also some other stuff.

After knockdown:

Normal recovery:

----HK.tackle (from a punish or raw hit, not from juggle):
*st.LK/st.LP/st.MP/cr.LK/cr.LP, LK.tackle (hits meaty enough to combo into st.LP->st.MP xx tackle, looping around)
cr.LP, st.HP (after this you can do a LK.tacke and combo into st.LP)
st.MP, cr.HP (hits meaty on first hit, and if you miss the timing, on the second hit)
st.LP, back st.HK
* cr.MP, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/cr.HP/GRAB (wait some frames for the grab)
* cr.MP, st.MK (sets up perfect distance for 4 hit aegis)
forward st.MP, forward st.MP
grab, st.MP
grab, forward st.MP
dash, st.HP
dash, cr.HP
dash, st.HK
dash, back st.HK

----HK.tackle (juggle):
*LP headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/cr.HP/GRAB
*st.LK/st.LP/st.MP/cr.LK/cr.LP, LK.tackle (hits meaty)

forward st.MP
GRAB (wait some frames)

*LP headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/st.HP/cr.HP/GRAB
*dash, cr.LK, st.LP/cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/st.HP/cr.HP/GRAB

----EX.Headbutt (LK.Tackle juggle):
st.MP, LK.Tackle (hits meaty)
forward st.MP, cr.MP/st.MP/GRAB (for the grab, wait some frames while holding forward)

----cr.HK (non-crush counter)
you can get MK.tackle meaty enough most of the time

LK.Tackle (hits meaty)

Back Recovery:

----HK tackle(from a punish or raw hit, not from juggle):
st.LK/st.LP/st.MP/cr.LK/cr.LP, MK.tackle (hits meaty)
LK.Headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/cr.HP/st.MK
forward st.MP, st.HP

----HK.tackle (juggle):
*dash, dash, st.MP/cr.MP/forward st.MP/cr.HP/ GRAB (wait some frames for the grab)
*cr.MP, MK.Tackle (trade combo into raw aegis / st.MK xx aegis)
*HP.Headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/ GRAB (wait some frames for the grab)
*MP.Headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/cr.HP
*LP.Heabutt, cr.HK

back st.HK

*LP.headbutt, st.HP
*MP.headbutt, cr.MP (always front)
*HP.headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/forward st.MP/GRAB (changes side either to back or front depending the distance where the first headbutt hit)
dash, cr.LK, forward st.MP

----EX.Headbutt (LK.Tackle juggle):
*forward st.MP, st.HP
*LP.Headbutt, cr.MP/st.MP/cr.HP
MP.Headbutt, cr.lp/st.lp/cr.lk

    HK.tackle trades

No Recovery

----HK.tackle (juggle):
You can dash about 5 times before they get up
*HP.Headbutt, cr.MP, cr.LP, st.HP

does anyone have a meaty throw setup for juggled hk tackle on backrise?

after HK.tackle juggle,
HP.Headbutt -> st.MP/cr.MP/forward st.MP/GRAB
dash -> dash -> st.MP/cr.MP/forward st.MP/GRAB (you have to wait some frames for the grab)

H Headbutt L Headbutt whiff
-Normal Recovery = all lights hit meaty or fMP stMP crMP
-Back Recovery = stHP

H Headbutt M Headbutt whiff (crossup)
-Normal Recov 4f (stLP crLP crLK)
-Back Recov (no crossup) stMP, fMP

H Headbutt fMP
-Normal Recovery = sHP
-Back Recovery = sHP

H Tackle fMP
-Normal Recovery = fMP, stMP, crMP, 4f normals hit meaty
-Back Recovery = fMP (whiff) stHP
-None = whiff fMP>sHP>crMP sHP

you people and your terrible notation:

Commas or ">"indicate one move coming after another, like a link, so:

Cr.lk,st.lp>st.mp TC is how you would notate that 3 hit combo.

However using “/” means “or”

So throw then:

Wiff st.mk/cr.mp/st.lk/cr.lp

Means wiff st.mk OR cr.mp OR st.lk OR cr.lp

If instead they are to be done in sequence then you should use arrows or commas.

what would these people do without you dime lul

Just copy pasting from my notepad file

Edited my post with some new stuff, this one is specially interesting:
On back recovery, after HK.Tackle juggle (cr.HP xx fireball, tackle) you can do cr.MP, MK.Tackle

The MK.Tackle will trade and give you enough frames to hit st.MK into aegis or just go straight into raw aegis.

How WAS RB doing that combo that’s st.RH (2 hit) > f.MP>headbutt.
Where does he get the charge for the headbut if he is pressing forward to do the f.mp?