Urien Colored

the sketch is in the sketch thread and yes… CONTINUE TO LOOK AT MY BUTT BITCHES!!!

dont fear the butt…

I wont bite. I need some help with the leg, someone help me!!!

Ahhhhhh!! MY EYES!!! is it just me, or is his diaper slowly being sucked into his asscrack?

ok, other than the subjectmatter of the drawing, i think rook will chew you out again for making the same mistakes. hopeful sfmc will draw his own version on top of this, lol.

its a cool pic, deo, but i think urien’s arms are really messed up compared to his legs. from that angle, you shouldnt be seeing the full portion of his deltoids. instead, you should be seeing elbow and the back of the triceps. also, this may be part of your style, but your muscles look like big pieces of ham instead of how it is normally supposed to look. remember, unless you work out 7 hours a day, you wont be able to see every nook and cranny of every muscle. try and make them look connected to each other.

though, i thought the akuma pic was asskicking (loved the realistic shading done on the ripped gi)

Mass shadows first then detail it up. Leave the highest light at the top. Dont let his hair compete with his underwear. You need to think in simpler shapes before rendering muscles. Good anatomy work man I can tell you have been doing some studying.


thanks for those tips. I’ll make sure that I incorprate them into my next pic.

nice! … its a different angel than we’re all used to