URI Gaming Club Presents: Third Strike Revenge (RI, February) - BIG $!

I have been given the oppertunity to host a tournament… with people getting shafted at evo with the one game thing i have decided to create a tournament specifically for 3s at a high level.

It will be a console tournament that will hopefully be epic. I am going out on a limb and putting some of my own hard earned money into the pot as well as doing the unheard of thing as getting the prize above 2 grand total if the attendance is large enough.

Entry fee
30$ to enter singles
40$ per team to enter 2 v 2

The tournaments and prize structure

1st. 60% entry fee + 200$
2nd. 30% entry fee + 100$
3rd. 10% entry fee + 100$

2 vs 2
1st. 60% entry fee
2nd. 30% entry fee
3rd. 10% entry fee

That means… if 100 people show up, the first place prize is 2 grand, if 150 show up it is around 2.8
more info/updates to come