URI fighting game scene (mostly UMVC3 but branching)

Hey y’all!

I’m here representing URI and more importantly the gamers thereof.

Currently we’ve been having more and more of a scene for UMVC3 (having several tournaments, our latest giving out a fight-stick as a prize) and honestly were just fucking cool people looking to be social.

I’m being ambitious this year and trying to set up a weekly scene (friday night fights or w/e) and get people together.
We have about 4 serious players currently together and i know for a fact theres atleast 3 or so others that aren’t affiliated at this time with us. We have a ton of casual players and like i said, were just friendly people looking for other friendly people to play with.

This mostly revolves around the URI gaming club, who has its own 2 decent sized rooms to work with at any given time. We host our yearly game-con and last year we had several fighting game tournaments which were pretty successful.

Anyone who has been here can vouch for me in saying we are the friendliest fucking people on the planet, just hit me up and come down to play. I am personally around every weekend and just wanna make a better community.
Help me do it :slight_smile:

I’ll end my rant here, just hit me up and lets have some fun :smiley:

We need more people to come by! Honestly, if you’re at URI, go to the Union and go on in! If you’re not at URI, here’s some help to get there.

URI - on google maps

On campus directions - the place we meet is the Memorial Union, which is close to the center of campus. On weekends, no one cares about parking, and this map is the parking map.

Hope to see some new faces soon!

Looking forward to it guys, i should be there next week.

When do you guys play? I’ll probably come down sometime. Any sf or kof players?

Slamn you should deff make it down next week. I just play SF myself. I guess i gotta pick up Marvel though too now lol

yeah we actually played KOF alot the end of last year, and street fighter im picking up with a few better players.

the info is up there come the fuck down and have fun with us.

Cool, I’ll make it down next time. Friday? at around what time?

pfft fucking whenever dude. i live here :stuck_out_tongue:
ill try and get people to come around friday night, ik theres a MTG event firday/saturday but im sure i can throw something together.

Who are the 4 serious players? lol Just curious. . . .

just me and 3 other guys who play alot.
were not pro or anything, and i know theres like 3 other good players that dont hang with us.

So due to a magic even this weekend and since most of the club (including myself) is going, we cant really get together other than sometime friday evening.

Im totally free next weekend so lemme know.

Sounds good man.

so everyone what day would you all be able to come down?
im trying to put stuff together and im talking to a store about holding our stuff their.
im sure theyll be interested in any business and will pretty much shack us up and get us going.

what day would anyone be able to come?

Weekends preferably, but if its close to providence then anyday lol

alright well im talking to a game place pretty near to you so if we get that deal together well be there every weekend and possibly during the week.

if not were currently just gonna do stuff at URI mostly on fridays probly.

for those of you confused i will help clarify
cammylover is not affiliated with me, he is another kid who decided to make his event after mine was put here.
concerning all of my posts ignore the others put by him.
if you wish to attend his event, go right ahead, just know this is all him and i am not affiliated. During his even i will not be able to attend as i have business for my own event to attend to.

i am still planning events for friday and this friday, i wont call it an event, but you are welcome to come up and play/network/just be social with us.
real events should start within a few weeks and will actually not be at URI being that I have done some good networking and am talking to a **store in more northern Rhode Island (as the majority of you seem to be up there).
I did this mainly because of
1.) Our space here at URI is very small and cant accomodate more than 10 people max (thats cramped). The store I have has 10x the space.
2.) We cannot technically reserve the space. The club is open to all and only officers can effectively reserve time (i am a keylist member but not a current officer) and even then we cannot clear out the whole club for any event that is not a club event. That means any events held by members (especially *non-keylist members) are bound to fail or just be unpleasant as the space is not exclusive.
3.)We have only 1/2 setups at a time. For playing with more than 3 other people this is unacceptable to me. I believe all players should have a chance to be playing at all times. The store i am talking to has atleast 5/6 HD setups and an entire room dedicated to events.

I will let you all know that the store does seems willing to work with me and I am willing to put my time, effort, and money in to making us a good networking/matchmaking option in the gaming community. They have a very nice space and I am very excited to be working with them. I am happy to answer any other questions and help you be in the loop.

*Keylist members are those who are able to open the club and keep it open. Without a keylist member, all others in the room are forced out and the room is locked. On the weekends (except friday) there are no guarantees of keylist members opening up the club for others, nor do they have an obligation to.
**I am choosing not to reveal the store yet as it is not finalized and it would be unfair to them to put any pressure on them. I do this out of respect of them even considering us.

There should be no confusion in any of this, and your event has yet to be set in stone. The event I’m hosting never stated that you were involvednethervex
, it is nothing more then a get together for those who which to play one another in person. I am glad that you have found a location that is willing to hold event and am willing to participate in said event once you workout all the kinks, but until you can get your event set up I will be holding an event at the club. I told you i was planning to do this a while ago, after I ran the other events at the cons and the UMvC3 tournament. Lastly don’t act like your the only person in the world who can hold and event in the state of RI, and never make this about yourself friend.

I wish you the best of luck here if I don’t see you in the next 24 hours on your talk with the store owners this Saturday, I would rather play in a large and nicer location overall than the club. You can also show a little more respect for your elders, and the man who stated events for FGs in the university to begin with.

Shots fired. . . . . :sweat:

Fightin’ words (pun intended).

ignore that.
no response so i can keep the thread semi-mature and legitimate.