Urgent Help: Sanwa JLF Stick stripped screws

In the middle of my mod, and my Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT with the Metal mounting plate won’t come off. The screws are on so hard, and I’ve stripped them all. I could not take off even one screw.

I Urgently need resolution, to finish this mod into my Hori FS3.

I’m so frustrated, I want to kill somebody.

You likely used an improperly sized screwdriver. Now you have to drill out the screws, probably with a 1/8 in drill bit.

Go to Ace hardware store. Buy .5 cm m3 machine screws and nuts and buy a properly sized screwdriver. Usually big fat ones don’t strip the nuts.

I actually had this problem too, and it turned out the mounting plate bolts were fixed permanently with some weird red goop (possible the same stuff that’s in the TEs?). Check the underside where the nuts are (heh). I ended up just drilling the bolts on mine.

Yeah. I had a look underneath the stick mount part. There was red stuff on my previous one, which I stuffed up. But this one had green stuff covering the bolt.

I would recommend to use some thin pliers to twise the nuts and bolts FIRST, before attempting to unscrew the metal plate mount.

As is, I have to drill it. Question KAKU, do I just drill and destory the entire Bolt? I’m not sure.

@ rtdzign: Thanks alot for your reply also. But the way these screws are designed. THEY HAVE THE WORST HEADS IN THE WORLD, even with the right sized screwdriver, the grooves are just too weak.

The part that holds the mounting plate to the rest of the stick is actually the head of the screws (where the mounting plate is counter-sunk). You should only need to drill as far as the actual thread of the screw (drill from the head of the screw downward, where the slots for the screwdriver is).

I ran into this problem before, and I will say that it is incredibly frustrating. Also, modding an FS3 is not easy. (I mean, you know you’ll likely have to top mount it, and that you’ll have to drill/sand into the metal base of the FS3 so that the JLF has enough clearance, right?) So cheers to you for enduring all of that!

I actually ran into this problem in the last week. I got a TE that a friend had destroyed in a fit of rage. At first, I was going to use the jlf in an SE I got from him too, but he had managed to bend the mounting plate on the jlf with the raging. I got a couple of screws out, then had one I almost stripped, but managed to take out, then I had one with a whole new problem. I got it a little way out, then it stuck and when I tried (really hard with a well-fitting screwdriver) to turn it, the nut in the body actually started turning in the hex-shaped hole. Luckily I had enough out to get a hack-saw blade between and just cut the screw.
I’m going to use the jlf body for a hori T6 stick, which I think is the same mod as you have to do with the FS3. If so, you are lucky because you won’t need those screws or the nuts inside for the mod to work. It’s the only type of mod I’ve seen that doesn’t use the actual mounting points, so it works out. Now I just need to grind down the shaft on that jlf…

I had this exact same problem when I was modding my FS3 a week ago, I got the first two screws out of the mounting plate but the other two were stuck. I managed to get it out but by seriously damaging my JLF (which is already supposed to be heavily modded when mounting it for the FS3.)

The way I got it out was by removing the microswitches, then just hammering out the screws from the other side. Eventually it did come out, then I finally just hit it from the side with a hammer + screw-driver, pretty stupid but it worked eventually.