Upper Sonic Boom thingie into EX Rising Rage Flash

Ive been watching the 3s 5 on 5 1st Coop Cup and there was this Remy player that I thought was good. But I’ve noticed that there was this little this when Ken jumped in and parried the upper Sonic Boomy thingie and Remy already goes into the EX Rising Rage Flash.

Can anyone explain to me how to do that? And that special property is called? o.O

its called charge partitioning and someone already answered my inquiry about it in the general third strike forum, check there for your answer.

Charge Back or D/B, towards, D/B Punch/Kick (loV), Up + Kick (RRF)

for both D/B directions how much of the RRFcharge r u charging for? is it half each?

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your kidding, right? man, i thought YOU of all ppl would know that. yea man, its half 4 both d/b’s.:lol:

here’s how I do it: charge back, throw out a stand strong, as the strong animates i charge d/b, when then strong ends, f,db+p, and when he recovers from the LOV , ex RRF. uummm, that’s sum yummy parry bait.


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just confirming, jeez… its cool to have a sudden interest in playing as remy but dont undergrade fellow players who’s already been playing as remy for a long time (especially if those players only play as remy)…

oh and Zar… i was reading your post about the perfect charge before and i just remembered that i wrote about perfect charging A LONG ASS time ago… i knew that u couldnt over charge on moves or they wouldn’t come out… i applaud u for finding about the infinite dash holding stuff… but the over charge/perfect charge was stated a while ago. just because i dont say it to make everyone else around me feel like less of a player doesnt mean i dont know anything… u need a little attitude tweaking your getting a little too cocky (to the point where it aint cool anymore)

and u owe me money u broke ass bastard, i didnt forget that:bluu:

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umm, thats 3$ correct??

who should i make out the check to??:lol: :lol:

im never cocky, man. i know my phukin’ place. i suck, so i dont talk “ish” 2 no one. cept maybe when some scub shoto thinks he’s hotshit, then i havta put him in HIS place with flying fierces.
'sides, if ur so confident in ur remy, why should u have to "confirm"a certain technique. r u doubting yourself?

also, i stated at the end of MY “perfect charge” post that i pretty much wasted my time, cuz i was certain someone(u, maybe?) already cleared up the whole charge parts stuff. this didnt occur to me until after typing all that crap. oh, well. ORE, BAKA DA NA?

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did u just call me an idiot?.. u owe me like 15-20 bucks i swear lol…
i dont count when we got food cus your a friend u would do the same thing for me

i’m talking about quarters, u owe me like a night a cf for free…

whats wrong with me asking questions about things i already know? i do that inorder to hear and see different angles to answers that way i’ll understand it better… for instance, i knew u could charge during a dash but i DIDNT know a dash stored a perfect charge, so now i have two methods of advancing forward with a dash and still coming out with a RRF or a LOV.