Updating SFV on PC?

I feel like this is going to be something incredibly simple and I’m just dumb, but

Steam isn’t auto updating, I tried setting it to update on launch and nothing, when I launch the game it can’t log into the server to update.

Did you try restarting Steam/your computer?

Steam also just had an update as well, so you may need to do that first.

Updated Steam before I even tried SFV, just restarted and nothing.

The game loads, I get a brief “Updating patch v1.02” for like .5 seconds, then it says logging into game server and disconnects with a 210009 error.

Right click Library.
Click downloads.
Update should be there.
Download it. It’s about 6.5gb

Nothing there.

Right click - View Forum - On the middle right is a ‘tech support’ sub forum. Try there. As it appears to be a Steam related issue you may have better luck.

You could also try general Steam support threads for game update issues.

I’ve tried a complete reinstall of SF5, that didn’t work. I tried a fresh install on another machine, and that’s not having any issues, it connects just fine and I have trials and such. Oddly, both PCs have the same amount of data for the game(only 7.5ish gigs, which is apparently almost the size of the patch alone), but I don’t remember downloading anything on the one in question.

I ended up transferring the files from the working PC to the other, and it fixed the issue. Hopefully I don’t have to do this every time there’s an update.

Weird. It should do it automatically. But it is a big update so if you don’t have enough space it won’t download it. I think it needs 2x the file size. I had 11 gb free and it definitely stalled in the beginning as queued