Updated Tier List?

I remember DARK looking at this list http://sfzero3.web.fc2.com/kousatu.htm and saying that it was outdated. Out of curiousity, anyone know where I can find a more up to date one?

I’ve not been able to find any further information, and despite asking the only person who might have had some input on the subject, his response seemed to suggest that not much has changed in the tiers. I guess the only way to be sure is to ask the creator of the list himself, VER.

He did, however, create a new A-ISM-only tier list. I must admit that some of these were quite surprising (Rolento, Chun Li), and reminded me how often I thoughtlessly take for granted the idea that, because a character places highly in a V-ISM ranking, then it follows that the rest of their move set must be equally strong which is not actually the case for Sagat or Claw (whose standard move set and V-ISM abilities are complimentary to each other - more so than Sagat’s); though some characters such as Cody are more obvious in this imbalance than others. But then you have a character like Sodom, who makes a pretty big plummet in the rankings despite having a very potent move set; and this I think demonstrates his abilities in V-ISM far surpass any of his universal strengths, unlike Zangief who remains a strong character in A-ISM.


S: Dhalsim
B+: Gen, Zangief, Rolento
B: Charlie, Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Karin, Guy, Dictator, Blanka, Boxer, Chun Li
C+: Claw, Sakura, Sodom, Cammy, Adon, Rose, Juni
C: Cody, Dan, Birdie, E.Honda, R.Mika, Sagat, Juli

advantageous match-ups: almost everyone
disadvantageous match-ups: Rolento

advantageous match-ups: Birdie, Cody, Dictator
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Claw, Ryu, Cammy

advantageous match-ups: Ryu, Boxer, Sodom, Dan, Birdie, E.Honda, R.Mika. Sagat
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Blanka, Sakura, Cammy

advantageous match-ups: Guy, Dictator, Rose, Cody
disadvantageous match-ups: Zangief, Karin

advantageous match-ups: Ken, Sagat
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Karin

advantageous match-ups: Ken, Gen, Cammy, Karin, Adon
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Blanka, Boxer, Claw

advantageous match-ups: -
disadvantageous match-ups: -

advantageous match-ups: Sakura
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Ryu

advantageous match-ups: Rolento, Charlie, Cody, Birdie, E.Honda
disadvantageous match-ups: Dhalsim, Ryu

Wow so Karin is B tier? I think she should B+ lol but B’s okay too. Why isn’t anybody in A for Zism?