As part of our EXTRA events at Evolution 2005, we are proud to announce a 5 on 5 exhibition for Third Strike. This will be huge sequel to the 5on5 that happened back in 2002.

Updated Details

4 Captains

California Rep
Victor Vance

Texas Rep
Hsien Chang

East Coast Rep
Justin Wong

Shoryuken.com Wildcard Rep
Mike Watson

Each rep has been hand picked because of the past tournament placings over the 2003-2005 years, and overall player skill level.

ALL spots must be announced by August 1st, 2005 or the spots will be forfeited.

Each rep is guarenteed a spot in the 5 on 5 battle. The final place will be decided by a 16 man single elimination tournament to be held at Evolution 2005 at 9am on Friday August 12th. Each Rep will get to hand pick 4 members to be placed in the 16 man single elim tournament. The tournament will be 2/3 games. They can hold tournaments to determine the spots or just use their best judgment to pick the best people.

The top finisher in the tournament who wins the bracket will get a spot in the 5 on 5.

*** A requirement for all players playing in the 5 on 5 is that they have to enter the singles tournament.

IMO, Team USA should be…

  1. pyro
  2. vic
  3. frankie3s
  4. justin
  5. ricky

who will represent team japan?

But will half of your Team USA go to Evo? I know Ricky and Justin are a given, but what about the FFA players? I hope they do go, despite all the stigma towards FFA and their stance on console 3rd Strike…

And Team Japan will probably be:

  1. Daigo
  2. Nuki
  3. Tokido
  4. KSK
  5. KO

And that’s assuming KSK and KO come again for the 3rd (4th straight for KSK I believe) straight year. And we still have no word on Japanese 3S players coming over…

Edit: Yi should be on the US Team on the account that he’s been winning or placing high in the last few FFA 3S Ranking Battles, and word is he’s going to Evo…

we need paulee/watson/5 star/hung b in that line up somewhere…


official 9 VS 5 3s USA VS JAPN

us need a winning chance


yup, you understood my post completely.

Anyways, there should be a tourney at least to decide. Invitational/regional or something. So cal is jam packed with killers and texas has some beasts.

Should be an interesting watch


potter has the greatest signature evar.

I thought Tokido quit 3s a few years back?

watson should only be able to play if he busts out non GJ yun like the last 5 on 5. that shit was hot.com

Edit…stupid post on my part.

haha "wesbite"
sickest word ever

How bout 3vs3vs3vs3

TX. vs. Cali. vs. NY. vs. Japan

Also, if it is gonna be 5vs5, i agree w/ robust on having a qualifier tourney, maybe fri. or something.

Yi and Vic for top WC spot for sure.

They should be definitely on the team.

5star/Victoly/Emphy/Ricky/MR. 3s!!!

that is probably the strongest team?

Im not sure if some of the FF players (Yi, Pyro, Frankie) would want to team up with Justin or Ricky. especially Pyro. I could be wrong tho.

I hope so, because that’s dumb.

pyro isnt going to evo, and im pretty sure wc doesnt mind teaming with ec.

  1. Justin
  2. Ricky
  3. Vic
  4. Hsien
  5. Mopreme