Update: Questions+Answers for modding joysticks

how can I make modding a joystick simple and affordable? what joystick is available and can have parts order to perform moddding? If you have useful and expertise advise please discuss.

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Hello d3v
thank you for the guide/tutorial. I can be more constructive if there was a video showing how to mod an available joystick. I haven’t made up my mind on the brand of the joystick.

Use the threads listed in the info thread. Don’t make your own.

TE stick



Buy a Madcatz TE and don’t mod it.

Except for aesthetic purposes of course :slight_smile:

I am not sure if the madcatz will fit my style. I am leaning towards the hrap stick. I am going to mod it eventually. Nothing extraordinary at first. Something small like artwork template or led buttons. I find it beautiful to make an arcade stick light up lol.

But what kind of HRAP? The old ones with the Sega-like layout are out of production. The new V-series is very close to the TE in terms of feel.

the hrap v3 precisely. I have seen the inside and outside of the joystick and I like the reviews of the joystick from the buttons to the weight and the components. Do you think that is a good choice for playing ssf4 ae, mvc3, and mk9?

V3 and TE have the exact same joystick (Sanwa JLF) and buttons (Sanwa OBSF-30).

is there a noticeable difference between square and circle gate joysticks?

Yes there is. Although if you are trying to keep cost down would stay with the stock gate. Square gate good enough for beginners and many pros prefer it.
Round is more for those who are trying to emulate a Happ gate feel out of a JLF

IMO, while you may find it hard at first, stick with square and get your execution down, you wont regret it (as it’ll help better your execution better).

Thank you for the advice from you guys! I will stick to the sanwa stick(square gate).

Update. The hori hrap v3 has arrived!

If you want “affordable”, get a Madcatz SE or Brawl stick (or even TvC stick with a new board), then mod it with a Seimitsu stick (LS-32-01 is $5+ cheaper than a JLF at Akihabarashop.jp) and 6-8 new buttons (on SE; TvC/Brawl stick has decent buttons).

I just recieved the hrap v3. I already love it. I heard Madcatz TE were pretty good on here.