Update from Derek Neal


Now that’s what i’m talking about. They are actually listening so instead of hating on the game go and submit feedback youuu… haters.

Great news I’d say. Good to know they are working on it and are not just saying LOL GOT UR MONIES KTHNXBAI.

Wow, you guys are fast :slight_smile:

Submitted a comment with some of the stuff that I really want in the game, mostly a major overhaul to the search function online. It’s silly how barebone it is for a game with the title ‘Online Edition’ right now. Hopefully they can improve upon it.

Great news… glad to see Capcom addressing it so quickly!

i admire how hes trying hard to please the community.

i do hope they fix that fucking lobby though rofl.

Yup yup. Oh yeah CPS3 soundtrack… :slight_smile:

I bet if we try really hard, we can spell his last name right; it only has four letters, after all.

Left a comment.

Oops… done. I have to buy him a new shirt… oh I have already done that :rofl:.

I’m at work but if derek could like talk to my nigga ryan on the phone this game will be perfect, promise

^ Cosign

Just give that nigga Ryan test copies of the game…

Good to know they’re working on it. Aside from the obvious fixes, I just really want the old HUD and character select screens back, or an option to use it at least…

I feel like that would be an interesting conversation.

dude this is awesome. apart from a conversation with ryan, which i think could be really productive (ryan, PM your # to Goryus :D), i think we should make bug reports as informational and clean as possible ( Online Edition Bugs and Glitches (Problems) List )… cuz somehow capcom is parsing the flood of feedback and finding legitimate issues, but i think we can and should make it much easier for them.

Dear Derek Neal, why are the trials so damn stupid?

when im trying to parry kens SRK, why cant you have the character jump towards me so I KNOW WHEN TO PARRY IT??

same with dudleys super and the other stupid trials.

They purposely show the character twitching so you know when its coming

Not enough Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! reflexes at work.

Glass Joe > *

So the patch is live but I’m still seeing people with over 100% disconnect. Also, why not address the real problem about ranked matches.