Up-down charge on fightstick?

been switching over from pad to fighstick and have noticed doing devils reverse/headstomp is very tricky on fightstick (no issue with horizontal charge)

on square gate: do u guys move the stick to back-up corner or just staright up? most of the time, i attempt to do up-back corner but i end up just whiffing a normal on the ground, not sure if im pressing punch/kick 2 early or not hitting the corner?

Either back-up or forward-up depending or where I want to go, even though it doesn’t matter. Alting Vega will do that to you… Anyhow, I remember it being a pain in the ass as well when I switched to a fightstick years ago, so I understand what you’re going through. I don’t think there’s anything special to do in particular, you just need to get used to the rhythm of it and make sure you go all the way up.